Audemars Piguet and treasure pearl produce a gorgeous movement of the watch industry

In top watches the choir, AP and pearl is the core of the core members. Replica Audemars Piguet Watches always has a lofty position in the watches altar, and treasure pearl also with deep foundation has been elegant dance on top of the altar watches and AP and treasure pearl together produce a gorgeous movement of the watch industry.

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AP and pearl of the historical background
Is a clock and watch industry legend, AP and treasure on the development of the pearl.
In 1735, the world’s first registered, a clock and watch brand, pearl was born earlier than AP for 140 years. Bao Po no factory pipelining, each treasure pearl are performed by qualified watchmaker (s) meticulously, and personally signed on watch record, number for the watch. This process are still around today, still shining with the light of inheritance and innovation, has lasted more than 280 years.

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In 1875, Jules Louis Audemars decision with Edward, Auguste Piguet as cooperation, research and development creation complex mechanism of wrist watch. They with the passion of watchmaking, the accuracy of the poor and will be at the art into the tabulation process. Until now, AP still is a never from the hands of the founding family’s oldest brand one of the tabs.
AP and treasure pearl hard power is impressive
Treasure pearl product line breadth and depth has always been proud of, bao Po not only has the atmosphere of men and women suits senior clock watches and won the Geneva wrist watch is great reward of being a art, and militantly proclaim movement wrist watch, fiftyAP was born or diving watches lay. Mr Putin chose as gift of Aqua lung scuba, more famous altar watches, rich product line to treasure pearl on the altar watches.

And the royal oak audemars watches family watches has been exist in classic and brilliant image of the campaign, the classic star anise and uncommon temperament for many watches the praise.
Back to treasure pearl, each a product line is a classic handed down from ancient times, regardless of all backgrounds and deft. This is probably AP as precious pearl.
Theory of diving watches, or slightly gaps when compared with AP and treasure her

Treasure pearl 50 all series wrist watch with unidirectional rotating bezel, more clever and the phases of the moon, the birds the tourbillon complex functions such as fusion, interesting idea. Sapphire crystal outer ring with super fluorescent coating, the luminous dial is Ming yan, the vast deep sea of a finishing for you accurate prompt discharge time, to ensure the safety of life.


The audemars royal oak offshore type series wrist watch match the drawing grinding and polishing stainless steel bezel, by eight polishing stainless steel hexagonal screws, to fully demonstrate the royal oak offshore type series wrist watch immortal symbol, but unable to rotate, watches circle slightly inferior.

Innovation of genes from the date of fiftyAP treasure pearl was born is flowing in the blood. The changes of sixty years, fiftyAP don’t change his mind. And AP royal oak also do STH unconventional or unorthodox, unique anise has made his name, AP and treasure pearl is will be the movement of the world’s top watches to a climax.

AP watches new immersive video installation art works at the Basel art fair

Switzerland advanced tabulation brand AP ( Replica Audemars Piguet watches) in wire cloth he solemnly announced AP Art Commission plan (Audemars Piguet Art appointed the second artist, immersive video installations of new artists Sun Xun China Art “reengineering the Universe” (Reconstruction of the Universe). This large works of art will be on November 29, 2016 in art Basel Miami debut, the whole hall across the street area of Miami Beach.

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Sun Xun the creation of the reengineering the universe by immersion creation concept, combining the 2 d and 3 d animation, as well as traditional scroll painting, ink painting, sound effects, the collocation of different architecture and design elements is applied, the work presented in bending of bamboo into a giant in the exhibition hall, with special sensory experience for the audience. Sun Xun invested a great deal of artistic wisdom, create personal creation technology to the work of art. The art perfect combination of traditional technology and cutting-edge technology, to explore the global history, politics, the grand theme of memory. Until the evening, when the audience will be asked to enter the huge exhibition hall, radiant, fully experience the work.

Via the guest curator Shen Ruijun presented, Sun Xun be selected AP art commissioned the second artist of the plan. In the summer of 2016, AP and Sun Xun and his team work together to research innovative solutions, in its art installation design three spherical screen image works “Time Spy”.
“Reengineering the universe” in the animation creation inspiration from gold, wood, fire, water, soil five line elements. In Chinese traditional culture, the five elements to build up the entire universe, and affects the changes of everything in the world. Works of art using a variety of materials on behalf of the five elements: using carbon powder to create display coal miners working situation of the animation, the big wood animation depicts white flowers blooming, traditional ink painting surge wave, with image color pencil paint ants and earth, create the vivid perception experience for viewers.
The reengineering the universe will present a variety of visual image, design inspiration comes from the Sun Xun deep understanding of eastern and western cultural tradition. One of the image is associated with the ink painting in the song dynasty, the tone of the whole of the works; Other content is on social realism, the Renaissance and a glimpse of a variety of modern and contemporary art form.

“Reengineering the universe” exhibition also benefited from three galleries associated with Sun Xun cooperation: New York Sean Kelly gallery shanghart gallery, Shanghai, Beijing and Singapore and Hong Kong Ma Ling gallery.
Sun Xun said: “I’m really looking forward to in Miami on display” reengineering the universe “, hope it can bring unique experience for the audience. Immersion creation concept to connect the past and the present environment, reflecting the global history and memories. I hope that the audience could feel into another new world. A long time, I was fascinated by the topic of the time, the plan for AP art commissioned work will express my history of the world around us and metaphysical inquiry.”

“said AP’s board of directors, vice chairman of Olivier Audemars AP art commissioned the intent of the plan, and is hoping to made great contribution for the world of contemporary art. The artist Sun Xun create more works of art have a profound effect, we are very honored to show him one of the largest project so far. Sun Xun pursue fine technology, and commitment to innovation, adhering to the same as the AP’s core values – manage routine, molded innovation.”
In addition to AP art commission plan, AP will continue in the Basel art Collectors the Lounge (Collectors Lounge) on display. Collectors lounge from Chile designer Sebastian ella progenitor ritz (Sebastian Errazuriz) design, take inspiration from various winter wonderland, you valley to the cycle of melting ice metaphor the passage of time, will also display meter masterpiece when AP complex function, and advanced tabulation technology of display on site.

Putting on AIRS It is necessary to know deeply fan of tabulation technology

It mentioned tabulation process, everybody is the most easy to think of jewelry inlaid and enamel dial, Mosaic jewelry is the most common, because luxury glittering diamonds are more likely to highlight the value of the noble and unique identity. As for feather Mosaic, Mosaic Mosaic Mosaic or straw had quickly fade out the line of sight of people, than
diamonds, these types of inlay process Replica AP watches, though plain, have more originality. Imagine on the small dial, the natural element ingeniously cutting, modelling, and makes it show different charm, the dial is gorgeous, fleeting beauty become eternal, witness the flow of time.

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Article tells the story of Cartier flowers for you details such as Mosaic, shell reliefs, wire inlay enamel craft, the following continue to talk about other tabulation technology, it is not common, high cold solitary colourful, detailed, but still do not have lasting appeal.

AP VIII Grand Bal since birth that moment, was full of the flavor of luxury expensive diamond and jewelry decoration, tabulation craftsmen in decorating the clocks and watches, craftsmanship and cautious attitude, reminiscent of Replica Audemars Piguet watches studio set uniform hard seamstress in pleats, embroidery, cutting of fabric, the inlay the decorations on the dial, is the dense stitching on the seam in the precious fabrics, the latest swan feather series wrist watch more amazing, every little bit is faultless.

Feather series rose gold wrist watch, with a light spirit dancing jewelry image, complex salute Mr AP’s dance. With AP exclusive inverse “AP” movement, automatic tuo was placed on the dial, like a skirt of a colorful ball, spinning, dancing a waltz of intimacy. Its classical meaningful shape design and architecture are reminiscent of the legendary Bar type
suits; Precious beautiful garland skirt moving dial, swan feather dress of material from the avenue montaigne, 30 senior custom workshop, exquisite craft made a sublime beauty.

AP VIII Grand Bal Plume feather series wrist watch, embodies the unlimited fine and precise processing, into the crystallization the incoming extremely elegant and valuable well-dressed ball. Golden brown feathers to join the dial pendulum tuo, its design is inspired by the party and haute couture dress, with Soprod joint research and development. Of
course, such a bold creative if there is no professional technology support and dream is conceptual, need strong technical support. And achievements of this romantic idea of Inverse “AP” unique movement is AP’s masterpiece, a simple pendulum tuo feathers not paved, but the thin platinum line on the set in the pendulum tuo, feather light to have almost
transparent, achieve the goal of bent will not affect the watch, all show wrist lightsome. AP also for its unique feathers put tuo movement technology applied for and obtained the patent.

Mosaic is the art for the one hundred – year – old manual, as far back as the Bronze Age has been used. Some ancient Greek ruins confirmed to adorn the outdoor road with small stones. Until the late eighteenth century, when the two most revered and the world-renowned artist Cesare Aguatti and Giacomo Raffaeli founded micro Mosaic, they invented a new
technology, let them can create tiny inlaid piece with less than 1 mm in diameter. Make them use color porcelain Mosaic, with more than 800 degrees Celsius heat hybrid heating. These glass slurry can be cool, then cut into small square bricks. In addition to reduce the volume of the bricks, invented by two artists technology at the same time led to a more
rich color choices, including more than 10000 different colors, so you can make the most careful light effect and a variety of tonal gradient. Sometimes even the most delicate micro Mosaic per square centimeter is composed of up to 560 pieces of Mosaic pieces!

With the subject of Chinese zodiac making watches have become a popular trend, clock and watch industry, a kind of animal are used for the elements, but the brand can make different style replcia chopard watches (Chopin) L.U.C XP’s special edition 2014 “the year of the horse” wrist watch, will the essence of Japanese raw lacquer art combined with fine Swiss watches culture, especially introduced the horse special edition watch.


This elegant watch of wrist of ultra-thin casing diameter 6.8 mm, 39.5 mm thick rose gold, is a symbol of Chopin ultra-thin wrist watch. On the dial represents an elegant prancing horse, decorated with the silt but not imbrued lotus, presents a picture of a horse on the lotus scene. The horse is in the
Chinese calendar. 7 of 12 zodiac, represents the free-spirited nomads essence. Said to be born in the year of the horse has the exuberant energy and creativity, and dedication.