Audemars Piguet and treasure pearl produce a gorgeous movement of the watch industry

In top watches the choir, AP and pearl is the core of the core members. Replica Audemars Piguet Watches always has a lofty position in the watches altar, and treasure pearl also with deep foundation has been elegant dance on top of the altar watches and AP and treasure pearl together produce a gorgeous movement of the watch industry.

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AP and pearl of the historical background
Is a clock and watch industry legend, AP and treasure on the development of the pearl.
In 1735, the world’s first registered, a clock and watch brand, pearl was born earlier than AP for 140 years. Bao Po no factory pipelining, each treasure pearl are performed by qualified watchmaker (s) meticulously, and personally signed on watch record, number for the watch. This process are still around today, still shining with the light of inheritance and innovation, has lasted more than 280 years.

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In 1875, Jules Louis Audemars decision with Edward, Auguste Piguet as cooperation, research and development creation complex mechanism of wrist watch. They with the passion of watchmaking, the accuracy of the poor and will be at the art into the tabulation process. Until now, AP still is a never from the hands of the founding family’s oldest brand one of the tabs.
AP and treasure pearl hard power is impressive
Treasure pearl product line breadth and depth has always been proud of, bao Po not only has the atmosphere of men and women suits senior clock watches and won the Geneva wrist watch is great reward of being a art, and militantly proclaim movement wrist watch, fiftyAP was born or diving watches lay. Mr Putin chose as gift of Aqua lung scuba, more famous altar watches, rich product line to treasure pearl on the altar watches.

And the royal oak audemars watches family watches has been exist in classic and brilliant image of the campaign, the classic star anise and uncommon temperament for many watches the praise.
Back to treasure pearl, each a product line is a classic handed down from ancient times, regardless of all backgrounds and deft. This is probably AP as precious pearl.
Theory of diving watches, or slightly gaps when compared with AP and treasure her

Treasure pearl 50 all series wrist watch with unidirectional rotating bezel, more clever and the phases of the moon, the birds the tourbillon complex functions such as fusion, interesting idea. Sapphire crystal outer ring with super fluorescent coating, the luminous dial is Ming yan, the vast deep sea of a finishing for you accurate prompt discharge time, to ensure the safety of life.


The audemars royal oak offshore type series wrist watch match the drawing grinding and polishing stainless steel bezel, by eight polishing stainless steel hexagonal screws, to fully demonstrate the royal oak offshore type series wrist watch immortal symbol, but unable to rotate, watches circle slightly inferior.

Innovation of genes from the date of fiftyAP treasure pearl was born is flowing in the blood. The changes of sixty years, fiftyAP don’t change his mind. And AP royal oak also do STH unconventional or unorthodox, unique anise has made his name, AP and treasure pearl is will be the movement of the world’s top watches to a climax.

AP watches new immersive video installation art works at the Basel art fair

Switzerland advanced tabulation brand AP ( Replica Audemars Piguet watches) in wire cloth he solemnly announced AP Art Commission plan (Audemars Piguet Art appointed the second artist, immersive video installations of new artists Sun Xun China Art “reengineering the Universe” (Reconstruction of the Universe). This large works of art will be on November 29, 2016 in art Basel Miami debut, the whole hall across the street area of Miami Beach.

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Sun Xun the creation of the reengineering the universe by immersion creation concept, combining the 2 d and 3 d animation, as well as traditional scroll painting, ink painting, sound effects, the collocation of different architecture and design elements is applied, the work presented in bending of bamboo into a giant in the exhibition hall, with special sensory experience for the audience. Sun Xun invested a great deal of artistic wisdom, create personal creation technology to the work of art. The art perfect combination of traditional technology and cutting-edge technology, to explore the global history, politics, the grand theme of memory. Until the evening, when the audience will be asked to enter the huge exhibition hall, radiant, fully experience the work.

Via the guest curator Shen Ruijun presented, Sun Xun be selected AP art commissioned the second artist of the plan. In the summer of 2016, AP and Sun Xun and his team work together to research innovative solutions, in its art installation design three spherical screen image works “Time Spy”.
“Reengineering the universe” in the animation creation inspiration from gold, wood, fire, water, soil five line elements. In Chinese traditional culture, the five elements to build up the entire universe, and affects the changes of everything in the world. Works of art using a variety of materials on behalf of the five elements: using carbon powder to create display coal miners working situation of the animation, the big wood animation depicts white flowers blooming, traditional ink painting surge wave, with image color pencil paint ants and earth, create the vivid perception experience for viewers.
The reengineering the universe will present a variety of visual image, design inspiration comes from the Sun Xun deep understanding of eastern and western cultural tradition. One of the image is associated with the ink painting in the song dynasty, the tone of the whole of the works; Other content is on social realism, the Renaissance and a glimpse of a variety of modern and contemporary art form.

“Reengineering the universe” exhibition also benefited from three galleries associated with Sun Xun cooperation: New York Sean Kelly gallery shanghart gallery, Shanghai, Beijing and Singapore and Hong Kong Ma Ling gallery.
Sun Xun said: “I’m really looking forward to in Miami on display” reengineering the universe “, hope it can bring unique experience for the audience. Immersion creation concept to connect the past and the present environment, reflecting the global history and memories. I hope that the audience could feel into another new world. A long time, I was fascinated by the topic of the time, the plan for AP art commissioned work will express my history of the world around us and metaphysical inquiry.”

“said AP’s board of directors, vice chairman of Olivier Audemars AP art commissioned the intent of the plan, and is hoping to made great contribution for the world of contemporary art. The artist Sun Xun create more works of art have a profound effect, we are very honored to show him one of the largest project so far. Sun Xun pursue fine technology, and commitment to innovation, adhering to the same as the AP’s core values – manage routine, molded innovation.”
In addition to AP art commission plan, AP will continue in the Basel art Collectors the Lounge (Collectors Lounge) on display. Collectors lounge from Chile designer Sebastian ella progenitor ritz (Sebastian Errazuriz) design, take inspiration from various winter wonderland, you valley to the cycle of melting ice metaphor the passage of time, will also display meter masterpiece when AP complex function, and advanced tabulation technology of display on site.

From your valley advanced tabulation legend Audemars Piguet

Senior Swiss tabulation brand ( Replica AP watches ) is known in the watch industry has a long history of family factory, is the world’s only still by the founding family (two family and Replica Audemars Piguet watches) in charge of the advanced TAB of the brand.


Since 1875, the Jura mountains in Switzerland you valley (Vallee DE Joux) since its creation, AP wrote page immortal chapter in the history of clocks and watches, has created many records “in the history of the first”, continuously introduce limited masterpiece, outstanding innovation, senior activity, classic and gorgeous jewelry watches for creation of women and special custom-made rare treasures.


Advanced TAB cradle of art – Swiss ye valley
After one thousand Swiss thou baptize valley (Vallee DE Joux), magnificent natural scenery pleasant out infinite treasure time. In 1875, AP was born in the advanced TAB cradle of art. Ye valley in the 17th century, around the ancient rocks and woods, original and natural environment make it almost impossible to crops, “Nothing grew but rocks only rock seems to be able to grow in here”. AP’s board of directors, deputy Olivier Audemars Mr Said: “your valley natural environment is not suitable for the development of human civilization, there is only a lot of forest and rocks, local residents can’t grow any crops, only through livestock for their livelihoods. Later, people through the rock to master the skill of smelting iron and steel, in the long winter for eight months each year, residents began in the form of family workshops meter machine parts production. The end of the 18th century to the 19th century, when ye valley quickly become a complex function meter made of core area.”


Background of the 18th century, in religion and government under the interference of handicraft industry association, ye valley independent watchmaker a lot as a family as the unit of workshop, clocks and watches of obscurity to produce high quality parts. AP Jules founder Louis Audemars and Edward Auguste Piguet first to look at the production of finished goods movement pocket watch, head for the independent development of watchmaking ye valley. Into the 19th century, ye valley tabulation workshop has developed into the Swiss chronometer production at the core of the complex function areas.
For AP, ye the heart of the valley is not only a function of complex machine research and development. More important, it is ye valley because of its geographical environment and keep the independence of the same as AP has always been adhering to the brand core – AP, director always focus on their own, more than 140 brand tabulation heritage building every hour meter works handed down from ancient times value. Each love that time, involve us for aesthetic design, unique insights and tabulation process and manual polishing perfect interpretation.


Your artistic interpretation of the valley
Your valley where the Jura mountains, its name comes from the word “Jurassic (stretch)”. British photographer Dan? Hotz voss (Dan Holdsworth) obsessed with your valley complex terrain environment and the vagaries of climate conditions, he as a series of images taken by audemars filmed at your beautiful valley and harsh natural environment. Dan? Hotz, capture the mist of the ancient forests and topography, record the valley quiet beautiful natural landscape is rapidly changing, fleeting. He said: “your unique geological structure and the natural landscape of the valley has a very moving characteristics, is also my favorite scenes. In some ways, it convey the power of the time. The perfect fusion of technology and native landscape with a breathtaking charm, contact between the two is the best material to create.”

British photographer Dan hotz under the lens of your valley
In 2014, Austrian video artist Kurt? Huntsman kluge (Kurt Hentschlager) for AP in thy valley took a spectacular panoramic views of the film “Measure”. The film describes the nature and the harmony of science and technology, to explore the coexistence and mutual influence between the two. Through the natural landscape, Kurt? Huntsman kluge to a whole new perspective Outlines the development history of AP, he thought, “you save the valley perfect natural scenery under the present of modern science and technology means, will show a new state, make the viewer aware of the importance of the return to original nature”.

1875 hang in AP table factory building positive badges
In 1875, two young clock division Jules Louis Audemars and Edward Auguste Piguet wire cloth he ye valley town in Switzerland (Le Brassus) founded AP, they made the product strategy of “low yield and high quality”, in a separate environment maintenance and passing on the advanced TAB in the process, and the highest level of decoration and polishing process. As to adhere to the spirit of independence, love Peter to inheriting the precious cultural heritage, and innovation, positive enterprising, pioneering the future.

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Some of the stories, itself is legendary. Them across the centuries, handed down from generation to generation, and more particularly in years. Since the establishment, AP in the writing of advanced TAB with the traditional process and special creative legends. AP, chairman of the board of Jasmine Audemars said of family tradition to: “for AP, traditional means not only with respect to remember the past, more a symbol of the positive action moving forward to the future, uphold the strives for perfection the spirit of the pursuit of innovation, and devoted himself to new business create classic.”
AP, co-founder of Edward Auguste, son of Olivier Audemars Piguet of recalled: “my grandfather Paul Edward Piguet always told me a story about a factory. For him, the company does not belong to anyone, but the region itself. His mission is to ensure that the company stay valley, from generation to generation.”

Senior master meter in the complex
Jules founder Louis Audemars with Edward, Auguste Piguet is handed down from ancient times given by the brand value, becomes the source of the AP establishment success. Until today, AP is still making complex functions when the largest number of advanced tabulation brand. Adhering to the advanced tabulation technology from Switzerland ye valley, AP’s each hour meter are perfectly reflects the unique aesthetic feeling, both inside and outside of the design. These complicated and delicate meter after efforts to perfect the watchmaker, contain the unique value of manual assembly and detail retouching. Each series of love that time meter with a distinctive characteristics of their own, in the brand advanced tabulation process of generation and strong innovation ability.

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In 1882, AP to launch its first big complex function pocket watch. In 1892, AP launch clocks in the history of the first pieces of watches with three asked the time functions. In 1921, launched the world’s smallest AP asked three time movement (only 15.80 mm in diameter); Then, the world’s most thin pocket watch machine core (just 1.32 mm thick), carrying ultra-thin movement (just 1.64 mm thick) watch out then, in 1938, again create ultra-thin watch new milestone. In 1955, AP launch clock first has a leap year display in the history of perpetual calendar watch. Rolled out in 1967, AP clocks in the history of the thin the central put tuo automatic chain machine core Calibre 2120 is just 2.45 mm (thickness). In 1978, AP in the field of ultra-thin watch another legend, launched the world’s most thin automatic chain calendar wristwatch. In 1986, AP initiative with the installation of the tourbillon of automatic chain ultra-thin wrist watch. This has epoch-making significance of the wrist watch is less than 5.70 mm thick, powered by the tourbillon is still clock in the history of the most exquisite works (only 7.20 mm in diameter).

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In 1978: the world’s most thin automatic chain perpetual calendar watch
In 1999, AP open the machine core escapement system research and development. After seven years of innovative research, AP in 2006 new sole escape longitudinal system (Audemars Piguet Escapement). Indirect transmission way is different from the traditional Swiss lever escapement, AP exclusive tackled longitudinal system to direct drive, double plane balance spring and 6 Hertz (43200 times/h) of high vibration frequency has greatly increased the escapement anti-shock performance of the system, the accuracy is + 1.1 seconds / 24 hour walking, only for the Swiss government observatory certification (C.O.S.C) one over ten of the margin of error.

In 2006: AP exclusive tackled the vertical system
The history of the avant-garde design: AP royal oak
In 1972, AP break traditional watchmaking inherent traditions, launched an unprecedented luxury sports watch – royal oak, laid the AP in legendary status in the history of modern clocks and watches. By the master clock design jie ROM? Weighing (Gerald Genta) design of royal oak watches to break the routine of pure steel quality and the innovation of the design features a challenge to traditional luxury watches, and carry on the world’s most thin adopting central put tuo automatic chain machine core, octagonal table by eight pieces of hexagonal screws, inscribed “Tapisserie” case grain decorative pattern of the dial, and fully integrated molding metal strap and the watch case. Besides design style of movement, royal oak watches most notoriously is its contains the spirit of innovation: in luxury watches all in gold and other precious metals production s, AP success will be pure steel quality, and the introduction of advanced TAB areas, is a clock in the history of revolutionary innovation.


Audemars Piguet watches in Clearwater, Florida, the opening of a new customer service center

Famous Swiss tabulation brand Audemars Piguet watches it was officially announced that in the North America new customer service center officially opened in Clearwater, Florida. Audemars Piguet watches President Francois – Henry Bennahmias with Replica Audemars Piguet watches in North America chief executive Xavier Nolot on behalf of the opening ceremony of the “brand to attend.



New customer service center covers an area of 13000 square feet (about 1200 square meters), is mainly used for the local customer service and staff training TAB. In the future, Audemars Piguet watches will also continue to develop north American consummation post-sale service, the service center is expected to Rio to 25000 square feet (about 2300 square meters). In 2002, Cheap Audemars Piguet watches for the first time in Clearwater, Florida, customer service center, since then steadily broaden the development of local brands.

“Proud to open a new customer service center, in the service staff and customers,” Audemars Piguet watches north American chief executive Xavier Nolot said, “the completion of the project is not only a Audemars Piguet watches in development of America in the last 15 years a figurative expression, but also to present the best customer service provides the necessary conditions, but also brand solemn promise for the future of the region’s success.

The service center has 50 employees, including 14 professional watchmaker, but for complex function watches, wrist watch, such as calendar and time equation. In addition, here also have employee TAB training center, in order to enhance the complicated functions and other high-end watch service ability.


Service center of the whole internal adopts the design of various elements, the brand for 140 years long rich history TAB. Wall decoration art paintings and photographs, Clearwater, customer service center and the Swiss wire cloth he (Le Brassus) unique and close link between tabulation factory.


Time is endless In Breitling watches, 2016 new objects

Swiss brand of top class independent tabulation spirit in Berling watches replica in Shanghai, 2016 new objects. In line with the extreme pursuit of performance excellence and enthusiasm for
technology of perseverance, spirit in Breitling watches has been regarded as a pioneer in the field of wrist watch.


The activity, in Breitling watches the spirit mainly shows the legendary history, loved by flight enthusiasts of air time series (Navitimer), Cheap Breitling watches spirit avengers
series (Avenger), both inheriting classic and super ocean series with the function of professional diving (Superocean) products, as well as the first intelligent interactive wrist – Breitling watches timing spirit space B55 wrist watch (EXOSPACE
B55), at the same time brand in recent years are reviewed in texture, movement, science and technology three aspects of a breakthroughwholesale-berling-watches

In 1884, known as the “father” of air otto li Lin tal dreamed of design to produce the glider, like birds it also become numerous aviator inspiration in the future, including the Wright brothers; In that year, Leon spirit created a specialized production Breitling watches timer and timing clock
workshop, and the sky is always rooted in the process of development, has established close ties with the flight.


The objects he will arrange the peninsula hotel in Shanghai and
specially Rosamonde le wen hall. LeShiWen hall with China aviation history as the theme, site of some of the Air China historic moment solidification on the wall, elaborate display of precious aviation physical and aircraft model gives basins
LeShiWen hall “flight” feelings, strong aviation theme and spirit of the brand DNA in Breitling watches the perfect fit.Watch of wrist of more than a century of innovation, the eternal classic styling, as well as for aviation constant dedication to witness the spirit forward in Breitling watches. For
spirit in Breitling watches, the pilot’s heroic spirit is the driving force behind its each timer, always committed to break through the limit of watch of wrist of professionals, continuous innovation, bring their solution, this is the spirit of Breitling watches different mission, is also 132 years in Breitling watches, the spirit and soul of the spirit.

New material: the design concept of watch of wrist of one hundred spirit always adhere to the professional field of timing functions as a starting point, at the same time into the innovation, aesthetic and wearing comfort, made in the
aesthetic feeling of wrist watch, readability, and achieved a perfect balance between size and weight. Successfully launched in 2016, in Breitling watches the spirit sole material, independent
research and development of high-tech innovation Breitlight ®, the material of solid wear-resisting is extremely light, lighter than titanium 3.3 times, 5.8 times lighter than pure steel, but they are stronger, and has many advantages: on the
tensile deformation of scratches, superior resistance, corrosion resistance, magnetic resistance, thermal stability,
anti allergic, have more warm touch than metal at the same time, and present a mottled visual effect. Breitlight ® was first used in the spirit of Breitling watches Hurricane Hurricane (Avenger) watch avengers, for a 50 mm gauge diameter of wrist
watch, weighs 69 grams, this lets the challengers have bold straightforward appearance at the same time, the experience is lightsome perfect wearing comfort, calm in the face of suffering.

New movement: 2004 spirit has drawn up a plan to sell machine research and development in Breitling watches; In 2007, after the test of spirit 01 movement finally was born in Breitling watches; In
2009, officially launched the first spirit Breitling watches equipped with Breitling watches spirit 01 movement wrist watch, ultimate timing wrist watch (Chronomat 01), 125 anniversary of the birth of the brand. Originally decided to develop homegrown movement is more in order to maintain the
independence of the brand, and after many years of hard work, all want to spirit has been successfully developed in one hundred’s wrist function, standard time, world time, two time zones, manual chain and other functions, still have 11 produced machine.

Breitling watches spirit new emergency night watch a special task

Recently, spirit in Replica Breitling watches launched the world’s first built-in double-frequency personal locator beacon spirit (PLB) of Breitling watches emergency wrist watch now launched three special edition watch – black titanium watchcase tie-in bright yellow, bright orange dot or blue mother-of-pearl dial. Three new style of strong design, make the high-tech survival instrument more add special charm.

Spirit Breitling watches Emergency wrist watch (Breitling Emergency) built-in miniature SOS transmitters and original built-in antenna system, for the global offering professional and love adventure people all terrain more in the field of security. Today, the superior wrist added three new armor, together to deal with dangerous task, remarkable feats. By high strength carbon titanium watchcase, particularly light not only strong, more with strong cool black decorate new. Satin frosted surface like a “stealth” armor, staring into the crisis, not disturbed by glare, bring more reliable security.

“Technical parameter”
Movement: Breitling watches type 76 movement, SuperQuartzTM temperature compensated super quartz movement, Swiss official certification observatory (COSC), 12/24 hour simulation and LCD digital display, display soc (EOL); Timing accuracy up to 1/100 of a second; Countdown. The second time zone display; Multilingual calendar display. Double-frequency SOS launcher: 121.5 MHZ and 406 MHZ.

Case: black titanium; Waterproof performance of five atmospheric pressure; A curved sapphire watches mirror, double-sided anti-dazzle processing; Two-way rotating bezel (with azimuth calibration); Diameter: 51 mm.
Dial: black, pearl blue volcano.
Band: TwinPro double color rubber strap.

Audemars Piguet electronic watch

Tetris electronic watch, looks very cool
In fact, as early as in 2006, seiko wrist watch of the first generation of “electronic ink” won the sixth GPHG best electronic watch “(this is the first time the Audemars Piguet watches replica and only select the award), since then, seiko watches And for many times and won prizes.


The stock of knowledge
Really very dangerous “. In history, the tradition of the Swiss industry experienced mechanical watch Japanese electronic watch and quartz watch large market shocks,such as cheap replica Audemars Piguet watches preserve the industry finally. After experienced ups and downs in apple watches and other technology companies launched smart watches under impact.



Easy to get the sales of 93000 units. The new release of the round watches Plate Round enrich the product line of Pebble, also meet more people be fond of. According to The Verge of experience, and this is The most wonderful a Pebble products, finally is no longer rough digital watches.

When used in cloud fox watch this I very dependable, because it’s very flattering screen used with general digital watch the same show willing to illuminated screen, at the same time followed by the LCD screen, make the watch In the hot sun can also clearly see the contents of the screen.


Golden wave: Audemars Piguet royal oak gold wrist watch brand new legend

Golden history: one hundred years of Replica Audemars Piguet gold masterpiece

After one thousand Swiss thou baptize valley, magnificent natural scenery pleasant out infinite treasure time. In 1875, Switzerland advanced tabulation brand Audemars Piguet (Audemars Piguet) was born in the advanced TAB cradle of art. In 1882, Audemars Piguet made the first big complex function of meter used the gold watch case, namely become a legend begins with Audemars Piguet gold course. Prone to 1929, Audemars Piguet for $20 gold COINS as a case, created a unique rare chronometer, Wall Street stock market crash in 1929 after two weeks listed, record the history of this important event.


Audemars Piguet made in 1882 when the first big complex function of meter, perpetual calendar, double seconds after injection timing and asked three time function
Audemars Piguet made of gold in 1929
Gold to permanent and classic charm through Audemars Piguet tabulation history. In 1972, royal oak, with subversive design, make luxury sports watch legend. As the world’s first pure steel quality to build luxury watches, disruptive to royal oak to once only used in the precious metal decoration make stainless steel casing, to perfect the polishing and grinding process to be decorated. A generation of legend was born, it has been proved that the “change the rules of the game” innovation was a great success in the end.
In 1977, Audemars Piguet combines royal oak and gold, with gold first royal oak series wrist watch, Audemars Piguet superior craftsmanship and original interpretation of the aesthetic perspective.

Audemars Piguet watches together Surkin present concept of royal oak series of spectacular time

Switzerland advanced tabulation brand Replica Audemars Piguet watches (Audemars Piguet) invites famous musicians Surkin (GENER8ION), home to visit brand – your wire cloth he valley, in perspective of music making and visualize the Audemars royal oak concept series super time watch their excellence in the cue.


Surkin last three days, the journey of your valley from the local natural environment and Audemars Piguet tabulation collected hundreds of sound material in the workshop, this trip let him for Audemars Piguet the tradition tabulation philosophy, as well as the hour meter stick to innovation and rigorous attitude and fascinated. Returned to Paris, he USES the sound material to create 4 first music masterpiece, return ye valley natural time the shape of the image.


Surkin, said: “TAB in the workshop environment quiet elegance, outside of the natural environment is extremely bad, the contrast between the two is so bright. The vast natural heaven and earth, qualified watchmaker (s) you will need to focus on detail, keeping improving. Each link of the process of tabulating all contain the various worth capturing voice. Voice for wire cloth he endowed with spiritual philosophy, also preserves the present rich emotion in the music, I hope.”
4 first music masterpiece was born to salute to Audemars Piguet and brands birthplace of natural environment. Each piece representing a particular time of day, and the concept of royal oak series super time watches in this moment of time began.


the cheapest model of Audemars watches

Ryan handsome appearance in the capital airport, wearing a Fendi pink printing silk shirt inside take Louis Vuitton blue T-shirt, tie-in Givenchy black jeans and Coach classic white shoe, Berluti brown bag in hand, wearing Linda Farrow glasses and Richard Mille watches, tidal rocks.



Sunto Spartan multi-functional sports solution will provide customers with tools based on community, to help them get progress. “Suunto sunto Spartan Ultra – designed for athletic and adventurous sports and build GPS watch for Suunto adventurous (sunto) Spartan Ultra.
First prepared a pair of good shoes for yourself and some of the moisture absorption perspiration sportswear. Due to most of your movement will be based on the time, so you should choose the one which has the function of timing based watch, in order to track your running time.


SHINE out of a cool face) wear the armband, fit in with the big chest wearing white T ornament, when build necklace, chest neck seems too full, but a simple ring of golden arm, or even a rose gold watch, can transfer the implementation.
Hundred years ago Lin Jiaomin and his wife book… Don’t have to cross the distant historical relics from us, will span one thousand years, and became pillow, following, fridge magnets, couple watches and so on product, and even taste very good cookies, can live.

Only the number of different, number of the most densely populated, causeway bay, Tsim Sha Tsui, yau ma tei. Causeway bay, yau ma tei is cheaper than the Tsim Sha Tsui, ordinary shopping convenience. But better environment, Tsim Sha Tsui, run attractions convenient, easy to buy luxury goods.
I have a few chickens cylinder cup in his hand The cheapest only spent several hundred usd “Qiu Ji side that the outside world to have a big collection of myth, actually a lot of things, from folk to find the price is not so surprising.
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Xinhua hair Xu Jun reference news network reported on August 18 Foreign media said that Australia’s formula is much cheaper than the Chinese products. Chinese mothers are also more trust these products.


Short-term trading skills
Chemical preservatives detrimental for the skin. Some sellers propaganda fragrance-free, but use will find clear fragrance, is cheating. 3, don’t buy too cheap eye cream: some eye cream is very low price or capacity is larger, converted into 15 g price is 350 usd, at first glance