The “big guy” on the core of brand watches

The core of Replica Breitling is as important to the watch as the heart is to the human body. The heart keeps the body functioning by pumping blood through the body.

The machine core of the automatic wristwatch is the energy that is transformed and stored by the oscillating potential of the pendulum, and provides a steady flow of power to the automatic mechanical watch. Compared with the manual chain on the meter, automatic watch a feature on the chain, is on the movement forms of the vedas, their existence, let the wrist watch an easier way of earning power, leave out the trouble that take off the watch on a chain. As long as you’re wearing your wrist, it’s easy to get energy from a slight swing through your arm. Visible, put tuo for automatic movement and the importance of the wrist watch, over the years, each big brand also racking their brains to put tuo, broadening the pendulum tuo charm on the wrist, and lovers can not help but watch the movement of “big guy”.

From “chicken ribs” to indispensable “sloth design”
In the age of the pocket watch.

The pendulum has been applied to the clock. In the 18th century, the timing device with a similar place tuo in the first paragraph of the genius by the Swiss watchmaker Abraham – Louis Perrelet (Bert) successful design and become, as long as keep watch of wrist of physical movement, similar to the design of the pendulum of the device for spring. The device is also a milestone in the history of the clock, the first automatic chain structure in the world.
Breguet No 1882 automatically has a pocket watch
But in this age of pocket watch, the design is not popular, because most of pocket watch time is in the pocket, only out of which need to check the time clock, this brief action obviously not enough to make the energy for the pendulum for walking up the hour meter, so the clock to create the time put up. Fortunately, in the early 20th century of the clock, wristwatches were replaced by wristwatches, which were rediscovered. In 1923, a British called John Harwood clock division has developed automatic watches, the weight will be automatically put tuo placed on the axis of movement, with the motion of the wrist to obtain the potential energy at a fixed position of sliding clockwork gain new power.

HARWOOD automatically has an antique watch
Since then, the development of the pendulum has been taken seriously by more and more watchmakers. With its light and convenient nature, the design of the clock is indispensable. Nowadays, automatic mechanical watch is a common thing in the world, when you inadvertently yawn or running, put tuo has quietly along with the rhythm and movement, is the energy of the wrist watch.

Five big pendulum tuo
The traditional half circle of the traditional half circle
Gerasuti made the original Caliber 36 automatic top string
Now more common traditional put tuo, usually nearly semicircular design, some brand also through the hollow out its beautification, polishing and chamfering, etc, make it has strong ornamental. Generally put tuo “occupy” movement half of the field of vision, so part of the brand will be its LOGO, the movement data and the fine grain in among them, on the basis of promoting the value of additional, show movement inherent strength and charm. This is the case with the Athenian watch brand’s anchor design, the grisuti original home-made machine.

There was a classic crash course
Through the seesaw, the impact of the two ends is the iron foot, which produces a limited ring motion with the gravity, which causes it to charge the wristwatch. Today’s famous clock and watch brand omega with Abby had used it (in some antique table can see), through enhanced version of the hit tuo increases (spring), makes the pendulum tuo hit the magnitude of the plywood to buffer, increase the service life. However, due to the poor chain efficiency of the colliding, it was aborted in development. In the middle of the 20th century, it was so active on the clock that it was out of date, so it was almost invisible on the wrist watch. But as an indispensable part of in the history of clocks and watches, it also promoted the development of the automatic watch, also is one of the more interesting structure on mechanical clock.

Nice and fine pearl tuo
Along with the progress of The Times, the increasing need of people for thin gauge (also for loading complex function), so the movement of “engineering” is urgently needed. At this time, the wise designers to look at again this clock movement, on the “big man” put tuo to downsize in plywood, formed a delicate and beautiful pearl tuo (mini – rotor). Born four, the fifties of the 20th century, it not only has the simple and elegant appearance, and contributing to the meter movement when thin, so far in the most thin gauge can still see the outstanding design. Compared with the traditional, the “little guy” is only one corner, which is integrated with the other parts of the machine, which complement each other and accentuate the overall beauty of the machine core.

Pozley’s main external automaticity
Ever written about bao qi lai manero series a store the information of wrist watch, and for the first time contact this brand machine table friend, feel the movement traces on the surface of a pendulum tuo, leng along while didn’t understand. It turns out that the outstanding brand design patentability will narrowed into a curved black again big pendulum tuo “curve”, at the edge of the movement with the sliding of gravity, to power the wrist watch. It shows the unique wisdom and prowess of the brand.
The kunlun jinqiao series vertical automatic topoas
Vertical automatic tuo kunlun table golden bridge belongs to the Swiss famous brand series of unique design, the first to launch it in 1980 with a unique sense of impact, and as the newness of many unique table friend heart hour meter works, wrote a new chapter for the development of the history of clocks and watches. The device, which was launched in 2011, is the first wristwatch with a linear winding, powered by the movement of the wrist up and down to provide energy for the clock. This design is also one of the more novel in many, in a very different way, presenting the essence of the time meter. Because the direction and design determines the density of both sides of the wrist watch, it is also a great design of the brand recognition degree, and don’t have a lot of fun.
The other is a kunlun watch, which carries the vertical autotopa

Conclusion: through the transparent sapphire glass back cover, movement appearance will appear here, and is the most prominent design put tuo, it not only provide the power support for watches and clocks, and graced the glamour of rear cover. The design of different pendulums will have a completely different viewing experience, which is a wonderful thing for the miniature machines on the wrist

The shadow of the phantom is accompanied by Breitling Watch Group

The camera moves, and she steps out of the cheetah light and firm. Replica Breitling, the day night, the galloping gallop, the stop to the gods, lie and stand, walk and accelerate. You see her, she sees herself; You find her, she finds herself — free and independent, easy and elegant, brave and free. She was a pure, modern woman with a cheetah.

As micro film director area snow said: “the modern Chinese women appearance, soft heart strong enterprising, there is a contradiction in their blood, and it is this complex character, make them real and charming.” Although has won the
The leopard is in the heart, the shadow of the phantom is accompanied by Breitling with the “the leopard pose” micro film

These elegant, charming and personality cheetahs are the inspiration for the Panthere DE Breitling cheetah watch. The smooth and luxuriant design, the unique shape, the soft touch of the touch, all show the charm of the cheetah ladies. It is a delicate watch, also can incarnate jewelry accessories, shifts between the daily wear and grand occasions, as a bracelet adorn in the wrist, changeable charm.

The Breitling Watches has launched the Special Delivery

In recent days, the Replica Breitling Watches has unveiled a Special edition of “Special Delivery”, a new, ultimate time (Chronomat 44) blue tray watch.

Replica Breitling watch

The case is made of stainless steel, 44mm in diameter, with an anti-dazzle coating sapphire crystal and can be up to 500 meters. The words “Special Delivery” are inscribed on the bottom of the watch, and the unique symbol of the Breitling Watches girl.

Replica Breitling

Carrying swiss-made Breitling Watches 01 self winding mechanical movement, gem number 47, vibration frequency 28800 hour, can provide up to 70 hours of power reserve, and pass by Swiss authorities observatory (COSC) certification.
The dial is made of blue Vietnamese pearl berm, decorated with fluorescent Pointers and timing marks. Complete with a blue crocodile leather strap and adjustable stainless steel watch buckle.

Deep fatherly love is engraved on the eternal Nixon’s watch in 2017

Time has quietly passed, precipitating the years, and the father’s identity gives the man a calm and intellectual aura. If life is a race speed, becoming a father means moving into the sea of wind and beauty, steady and full of strength. Value coming father’s day in 2017, the USA brand of top class TAB hand replica nixon watches selection “grey” racing timing wrist watch classic fusion, adhering to the time of eternal classics, interprets the father with a discreet gray gentle personality.

replica nixon  watches

Deep fatherly love is engraved on the eternal Nixon’s watch for father’s day in 2017

The classic blend of “speed grey” timekeeping watch is inscribed with the essence of timeless elegance. The color of the unique metallic color of the grey, the beauty of the time, accentuates the intriguing multi-charm; The king’s case reflects the king’s temperament, complementing the gray dial and the band. 45 mm diameter of the watch is equipped with timing function, date window located at 6 o ‘clock position, carry on HUB1112 automatic chain mechanical movement, elegant design and practical function, more foil a father’s self characteristic, reveal mature men unique delicate taste.
Deep fatherly love is engraved on the eternal Nixon’s watch

cheap replica nixon watches
cheap replica nixon watches


Father is silent, the key is understanding. Nixon Nixon’s watch is a classic blend of “speed grey” timekeeping watch, which makes it linger in the father’s wrist to keep love and time together.
Classic blend of “race speed grey” timing watch
Technical parameters

cheap nixon watches
cheap nixon watches

Deep fatherly love is engraved on the eternal Nixon’s watch for father’s day in 2017
Serial number: 521. OX. 7081. LR – 18K wang jin 45 mm timewatch
Watch case: classic fusion -45mm diameter
18 k Wang Jin
Bezel: 18 k Wang Jin
Ear: black synthetic resin
Dial: the satin grey sun lines
Mirror: sapphire mirror coating with anti-glare coating
Watch back: king of 18K, sapphire mirror coating with anti-glare coating
Machine core: HUB1143, automatic chain timing machine core
The date window bit 6 o ‘clock
HUB1112 (45mm diameter), automatic chain machine, date window at 3 o ‘clock.
Dynamic storage: about 42 hours
Waterproof depth: 5 standard atmospheric pressure (about 50 meters under water)
Watch band: a grey crocodile lined with black natural rubber and 18K red gold folding watch buckle

cheap nixon watches
cheap nixon watches

Breitling new super Marine culture series wrist watch

Breitling super series Marine culture spirit once launched a huge success. It will soon celebrate the 60th anniversary of the celebration in 2017. More for a brand new appearance, specially designed for modern explorers of Replica Breitling watches. A new design for the series of unique style, pure design and dynamic optimal explanation.

Replica Breitling watches

In 1957, Breitling for the first time the super Marine
professional diving watches quickly early get the favour of amateur divers. Since Breitling, spirit to launch a series of unique high performance diving watches. Now super series Marine culture completely retained the prototype watch style,
with unique classic appearance and cutting-edge technology, become the model of the acura brand.

In pioneers in deep in the ocean series 60 anniversary of the Breitling spirit while retain their unique individuality to this classic watch series inject new vitality. It is worth noting: a new circle of watches design adopts stainless steel
with firm stroke prevention shock high-tech ceramic bezel dial ring, remove the original scale of metal ring around minutes make existing watches circle and decorated with prototype classic brand of the same color dial perfect fusion.

Distinctive modelling the pointer to the hour hand, minute hand diamond (triangle) and a cone-shaped slightly time scale, with 1957 of watches, luminous markers more ensures excellent read performance.

Super Marine culture series ii launched 42 and 46 mm gauge diameter of two wrist watch and a 46 mm gauge diameter timing wrist watch, a total of three colors: black, blue and brown copper to choose from, the latter is optional with the series
dedicated new leather – rubber strap, using color thread sewing, design feeling extremely. In addition to leather, crocodile leather and rubber strap, all watches style can match with paragraphs 1957 watches legend with stainless steel woven bracelet.

Performance, super Marine culture series ii retains all technical quality in dungeons, in deep sea. Super Marine culture the second generation of 46 timing wrist watch with authenticated by the Swiss government observatory (COSC) time automatic winding machine. Super Marine culture second
generation 42 46 wrist watches and carry the same
authenticated by the Swiss government observatory (COSC) homemade B20 movement. The preciseness of automatic winding machine is very strong, dynamic storage up to 70 hours, emperor rudder Replica Nixon produced 5130 movement, do manual work is unique, is a brand new cooperation development watches the representative work of mechanical movement design and manufacturing technology.

Rugged stainless steel watchcase collocation screw-plug crown, the waterproof performance of 200 meters. Unidirectional ratchet rotating bezel at 12 o ‘clock position with luminous markers, 120 tooth design extremely accurate calibration and
smooth rotation manipulation of give attention to two or morethings, let you no matter the time see diving or other kinds of timing operations, particularly in the use of aviation activities in the can easily go into battle, is undoubtedly a new interpretation of deep-sea exploration

Breitling new aviation timing series

Breitling is one of the most sophisticated clocks manufacturing technology to the contemporary challenge. It launched homemade double needle timing movement successfully. Once again highlights the brand Replica Breitling watches in timing wrist superior ability in the field of technology. To create professional spirit “wrist instruments” Breitling, its carefully developed a new spirit of homemade Breitling B03 movement (has applied for two patents) innovative structure, to ensure the best accuracy, robustness and reliability.

replica watches

Now, Breitling decided by its most famous aviation timing series watches (Navitimer) which same as Cheap nixon watches.It will be major technological leap to the supporters. New watch out of stainless steel and red gold two versions, and is equipped with unique bronze dial.

cheap replica watches
With few homemade mechanical timer movement wrist watch brand, and have completely by internal development and production of patent double needle timing movement brand is rare. As has Breitling observatory (COSC) certification by the Swiss government spirit homemade B03 movement of blockbuster, Breitling again confirm the leading position in the field of mechanical timing wrist watch brand, at the same time, strengthen the development of its in timing wrist watch the key role. Nearly a century, the spirit has been in this field in Breitling set up the multiple key milestones; Invented in 1915, the 1915 spirit at 2 o ‘clock position of the first independent timing button; In 1934, Breitling, ling invented a second independent timing button; In 1969, Breitling leading global first self winding timing wrist watch. Spirit is one of the most classic wrist force Breitling – the famous 1944 Duograph watches, also is the indispensable component in the epic saga. The watch is equipped with ultra-thin double needle timing movement, by the clock collectors of all ages and sought after.

swiss replcia watches

Performance is the highest
Double after injection timing is the industry recognized one of the most difficult to make mechanical wrist function; The wrist watch is equipped with two overlapping central timing pointer, the push button after needle after two pointer will be separated, a pointer motionless, used to measure the middle time timing (section), another is to continue running; After needle button again after the stop of pointer immediately “catch” (French for “rattraper”) is running the pointer. This kind of super complicated watches usually only small batch production, and need to spend a lot of time to watchmaker set-up and rating (correction after the clearance between the gear shaft and pin gear, spring firmness, and clamp penetration depth, etc.) In the development of homemade double needle timing in the process of the movement, in Breitling the spirit to use innovative ways to build the unique mechanical device. In create a “professional instrument on wrist” under the guidance of brand concept, watch of wrist of technical experts in mass production of spirit to Breitling at the same time, ensure the watch still has excellent robustness, precision and reliability, as brand in the 1940 s slogan – “the best Quality production” proposed (Quality in series). Spirit of the target for Breitling, is to develop a minimum number of components to ensure the best performance of the system, in order to avoid lengthy collimation, in short, for the complicated problem to find a simple and efficient solution. To achieve this goal, spirit team has taken in Breitling, launched a deep research and tests.

Reviewing the traditional mechanism
Energy levels are double after injection timing movement of one of the major challenges faced by developers. Double after the repeated start and stop of the needle will produce different energy demand, this will not only affect the timing accuracy, also will weaken the power of wrist watch store. One of the ways to solve this problem, it is for the machine equipped with an independent system, in time to stop to chasing needle separation – this is the way of spirit in Breitling. However, in order to find a more reliable and more effective solution, in Breitling the spirit of engineers with the watchmaker to re-examine and reform the traditional structure of the double after injection timing device. They have developed two new innovative design, and has set up a patent for it. One breakthrough is associated with the previously mentioned independent system; Activities after the needle bar drive usually adopts the design of cylindrical pin, once the part less than a certain size, production is particularly complicated. Breitling special stamping parts to replace the traditional latch design, not only to achieve the more accurate shape structure, also helps to enhance robustness of components.

Thanks to this kind of independent system, injection timing won’t to watch the timing precision of the impact and dynamic storage. Another innovation is related to chase the braking mechanism of the needle; Under the traditional design, the watchmaker, will use a clamp positioning of the wheel (perimeter smooth or with ultrafine tooth) to achieve this function. This kind of brake system is difficult to produce not only, still can cause a certain degree of impact on accuracy. Spirit in Breitling engineers from bicycle brake equipped with rubber mat inspiration, put forward the added around the circle ring seal, and restricted by press clamp of the new design concept. This can be brought not only precise braking effect, also helps to simplify production, further enhance the reliability of the system.

Breitling maybe lose independent tabulation spirit status

Spirit was considering selling in Breitling. Unnamed sources, said the most likely suitor will be luxury goods companies.

As a family business, spirit is the only remaining, Switzerland, in Breitling, several independent of swatch, richemont, LVMH and open cloud group, one of the large  swiss replica watch maker. Founded in 1884, Breitling spirit by Leon Breitling, in the 1940 s designed and developed a series of pilot is well known for his wrist watch. In 1979, Ernest Schneider to buy Breitling spirit, now the company by his son, Theodore Schneider in charge of the business. Earlier this year, Breitling spirit join Swiss research and development of smart meters, and launching Exospace B55 Connected timing B55 intelligent interactive wrist watch in outer space.

Nearly two years watch-making industry is difficult period, Breitling spirit wristwatch sales volume and profit fell sharply, is facing the longest recession since 1988. According to the Swiss watchmakers industry federation (FH) export data released August, expensive watches is the most difficult situation, cheaper watches are more positive, this also is in Breitling the strengths of the spirit. Breitling spirit entry-level mechanical watch is Colt Automatic, starting at $3090, at the same time brand also provides a small amount of quartz watches at lower prices for replica Breitling watches .

Breitling launched four new Sunny Side of Life series flame enamel wrist watch

With the Sunny Side of Life senior jewelry and senior Replica Breitling watch series, the count is with colour profusion, write a new chapter for family’s philosophy. New chapter in a cheerful disposition as a starting point, highlight the flowery and dazzing bright colour, infectious joy to life and make people intoxicated with creative energy.


Big flame enamel craft from Geneva artisans of inheritance, since the 17th century by the count value, in addition to on this basis, build fine gauge, may not have more appropriate way of description. Sunny Side of Life series of four new senior wrist watch (G0A41236 G0A41237, G0A41235 and G0A41238) equipped with the gold dial, and with big flame enamel decoration, gives precious metal color tone, create the colourful and attractive visual effect.

Gold dial to carve into “rattan grain” design by hand, fill the transparent enamel layer, 3 d effect is evident on the dial. Then carefully fill in the color powder, after the high temperature of 800 ° C, color deepened gradually, then through fire and cooling process for many times, make delicate translucent gloss enamel bright is dazzing. Dial again for the last time after careful grinding burn, final rendering ji ornamental pattern the perfection of beauty.

Big flame enamel contains fine gold craft, enamel master need to estimate the accurate quantity of powder required, must also be estimated accurately suiwatches density and firing time required, in order to achieve the ideal color and stability, experience is long cover is new. If the fire time longer, enamel cracks may appear, so the production process requires precise control, not pleasing, it also confirms the enamel master by the extraordinary skill of years precipitate.

Salute flourishing more than square Breitling watches

Swiss watchmaker Replica Breitling watches formal boutique in popular square more than 10 new classical fusion “prosperous daum series” special edition wrist watch, the watch will be shown in the watch list with the same boutique, for three months.

shop-berling-watches replica

This is special edition wrist watch watches to flourish much square homage, brand boutiques in many square for five years; Boutique trademark “H” pattern is decorated with famous popular daum columns.
“Prosperous daum series” is a classical fusion Breitling watches watchmaker cherished a typical example of the art of “integration” concept, is part of the history of the French capital, and endow them with the innovation of the cultural heritage of modern interpretation.

Daum cylinder is Paris landmarks, 44 meters high, its history can be traced back to 1810, it is inspired by trajan triumph. The bronze on the cylinder, it is said that in the French army from the hand of the enemy captured guns as raw materials. Scape around in the form of a bas-relief decorated battle scenes and loot victory, has napoleon I statue on the pillars was destroyed and rebuild: popular daum cylindrical really by the test of time.
As a classic fusion, “prosperous daum series” dial decoration of bronze. With the copper tin alloy character is not swatches, easy to provoke verdigris. Even in clocks and watches, exposure to the air oxidation corrosion harm alloy life. Therefore, watch watches watchmaker to sapphire crystal encapsulation, limit its contact with air, thus swatches alloy properties.


Classical fusion “prosperous daum series” case application of titanium material, restoring ancient ways collocation black rubber and brown leather strap, once again shows Breitling watches unique fusion of traditional and modern.Respect for tradition, at the same time is about, foresight, and ultimately inspired Swiss watchmaker Breitling watches watchmaker, like alchemist, past and present, magical fusion produce classical fusion “prosperous daum series”, to create a future of the eternal.

Audemars Piguet selection 5 classic wrist watch Praise the winter valley legend

When ye valley (Vallee DE Joux) beautiful winter coming on, time and the nature has now slowed his steps in this season, but the eternal rhythm, like a love then click run the beauty of rhythm. Referred to as “small” Siberia ye valley, after one thousand years, the seasons, winter incomparable beauty, as always, has never changed: the vast snow-covered pines, the stream flowed to the moss and the rock cover of ice, serene, and filled the booming power, it is such a magnificent natural scenery possess infinite treasure time.

Replica AP watches

Generations of Replica Audemars Piguet watch maker, it is in this pure and independent environment, unremittingly created when the meter masterpiece, of aesthetic design, tabulation process and manual polishing and unique insights and perfect, stick to and develop. Therefore, every pieces of love that time meter is a most valuable masterpiece, is containing the core motion and enthusiasm of the eternal. Audemars Piguet Audemars Piguet watches become great masterpiece, legendary beauty praise thy valley in winter, hope the New Year special scenery.

Replica Cheap audemars-piguet-watches

Audemars Piguet expertise in the field of complex function. New royal oak perpetual calendar watch to a patent ultra-thin Calibre 5134 automatic chain produced machine drive, accurate rendering calendar function in all kinds of display: date, week, month, a leap year, astronomical accurate phases of the moon, and 52 week week show. Silver or blue “Grande Tapisserie” big plaid dial, on the calendar that has a long history of complex function, also bearing the eternity and rapidly changing time. The moon display panel by laser technology in placer gold stone carve on mass deposition, reminiscent of your deep valley winter bright moon in the sky, transparent clear bright and clean.

In 1972, the Swiss watch industry “winter”, Replica AP watches will be fine in the spirit of pioneer steel into the palace of luxury watches, Audemars Piguet royal oak series wrist watch out, become the clocks in the history of revolutionary innovation. Seemingly flatness of fine steel, precious metals in the hands of Audemars Piguet master was administered only the adornment of the grinding process, blossom a incomparable unique light. Unique octagonal watches, to eight screw, hexagon platinum need watchmaker to complete 70 manual polishing process, in order to achieve the perfect cant polishing and linear matte wiredrawing build a contrast effect. Width decreasing pure steel belt, is another challenge: outside of the case only with 138 edges of manual polishing processing, can create angular, full details of the royal oak strap.

To the royal oak timing clock dial design is integrated into the jade since the 1970 s, weighing (Gerald Genta) of the original design, the black “Grande Tapisserie” big match gold royal oak case grain decoration dial pointer and time scale, with fine quality steel casing and strap design style, build a harmonious and unified Calibre carrying 2385 automatic chain produced on the machine. Royal oak ladies watch set to 40, the beauty of cutting (about 0.73 carat total weight), under the polishing processing circle of octagonal watches foil more bright, silver “Grande Tapisserie” big case grain decoration dial hand in photograph reflect with diamonds, like winter sunshine reflects the bright light in the ice and snow.

Winter’s ice, is of the nature and the time make, like diamonds glittering and translucent get rid of is appeared, in the sunshine refraction memorable bright ray of light to people. In the hands of Audemars Piguet watchmaker, each perfect cut of diamond for mechanical watches endowed with unique feminine, also represents the design aesthetics and tabulation technology of inheritance and innovation.

Watch of wrist of unique features of the elliptical shape Millenary millennium series was born in 1995, aimed at innovation and original design to meet the coming of the millennium. Millennium series with eccentric design and architectural aesthetics, bringing fresh, unique masterpiece, reflecting the unique personality of the wearer’s break through the conventional, whimsical: eccentric, watches plate combined with the stone setting, when the senior tabulation technology with traditional Mosaic technology combination, the achievement of the millennium series of women’s unique style wrist watch. Specially designed for the oval watchcase oval movement, using the balance wheel and splint designed independently, can see the beauty of movement operation from the dial.

Whether set auger casing, or is close with the dial, beauty can be in the design of enduring, coruscate gives royal oak series automatic chain watch charming luster. Advanced tabulation of traditional and exquisite diamond Mosaic process, in which 152 bright type is relevant to the creeping of the wrist watch to beauty perfect combination, compose the shining costly melody.

The winter sunshine, such as gold, send out a warm and natural light. Royal oak gold wrist watch, the significance of wealth and power, embody the advanced tabulation technology and aesthetic design breakthrough innovation: inner detail represents the advanced TAB stringent standards, the external design is the best of contemporary art. Grinding, polishing, originality and hands to create a stunning microscopic art, great details. Venerable Audemars Piguet process derived from the love of beauty and art with concentration. The costs to the exquisite craft of endless work and think of opportunely make each royal oak gold wrist watch presents different gold color, mild but memorable, as more reflects the mysterious light Angle and the light of wisdom.
Audemars Piguet’s iconic “Tapisserie case grain decoration” dial, and royal oak uniquely pointer and set time scale, an inch all show Audemars Piguet attainments in aesthetic design and exquisite technology. Audemars royal oak gold watch to the advanced TAB and precious metal material of two kinds of perfect combination of legend for the traditional classic pioneered the source of new ideas.

Water and ice in winter to two forms of alternating, record the passage of time. Like ice general resolute type with the royal oak offshore timing clock, with rose gold watch case with black ceramic crown with timing button contrasting personality design. For women in the royal oak offshore type timing clock, with a completely new design of silver “Lady Tapisserie” case grain decoration dial watch more gentle style, octagonal set auger bezel tie-in white rubber strap, depict women like flexible, elegant and power.