Replica Breitling Watches and Bingley: Go up together in the future

Replica Breitling Watches is pleased to announce a new chapter in its partnership with British luxury carmaker Bingley. The collaboration between the two brands began in 2003. At the time, breitling was the first watchmaker commissioned to design on-board timepieces for the Continental GT, the Bentley’s flagship model.
Breitling CEO George Cohen is excited to continue working with Bingley. “Bingley and breitling have very similar values, ” he says. Both brands are known for quality, performance and design excellence, and both have been able to forge strong historical legacies in their respective fields. “It is even more gratifying to write a new chapter in the history of an ideal partnership that has been going on for more than 15 years. ”
While celebrating its long-standing relationship with Bingley, Breitling announced that it will add the Bingley special edition to its existing core line, rather than just a separate Breitling for Bentley line. The Premier B01 chrongraph Ograph O42bentley British Racing Green is the first of the planned extraordinary wristwatches to hit the market. 42 Bingley chrongraph Ograph O42bentley British Racing Green. The watch features a stunning 70-hour power storage, and features a breitling flagship home-made 01 movement, which is visible through a unique transparent watch decorated with a metallic Bentley logo. The series also features an engraved “Bentley” seal, inspired by the 1929 Bentley Blower Dashboard, which is powered by a supercharger.

This watch features an eye-catching British racing green dial with an optional matching British racing green strap or stainless steel chain. In sharp contrast to the dial, the two small dials are at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock, and the date display is at 6 o’clock.

As Bingley celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2019, breitling plans to launch a special limited edition timepiece to pay tribute to its partner’s 100 year history of excellence in luxury car manufacturing.

In 2003, Bingley launched its first Continental GT, a luxury sports car, as the world’s most popular luxury car brand. Every detail of the continental GT reflects Bingley’s relentless pursuit of quality, luxury and performance. Based on high standards of compliance, the company chose to commission breitling to design its in-vehicle timepieces.
In 2002, Adrian Hallmark, then Bentley’s sales and marketing director, signed a partnership agreement with breitling on behalf of the brand. “Bingley’s long-standing relationship with breitling is a shining example of how two competing brands can add value to each other in a reliable way, ” says Bingley, now chairman and Chief Executive. As the centennial approaches, we will certainly celebrate past successes, but more importantly, look to the future with a passion for innovation. Having breitling as a partner who shares our technical excellence, craftsmanship and pioneering spirit has definitely added to our confidence in the way ahead.”
A history of pride, a personal history

Centenarian has an indissoluble bond with the auto industry for years. Its airborne timepiece, introduced as early as 1931, was also designed to fit on-board dashboards. More than that, there is a personal connection between Bingley and breitling that goes back 70 years. The visionary inventor of the second self-contained Time Button, third-generation descendant Wily Riant Breitling, is also a loyal owner of Bingley. From the late 1940s onwards, the fashionable watchmaker was often seen driving back and forth between Geneva and La Chaux-de-Fonds in one of his many bentleys.
Bingley in Le Mans

Bingley is not only known for his luxury road cars, but also for his racing history. Between 1924 and 1930, the famous “Bentley boy” won the title of 24 Hours of Le Mans five times. And it’s not just past successes. In 2003, Bingley returned to Le Mans and again claimed the runner-up title. At the world-renowned endurance event, breitling not only had the honour of being the main sponsor of the Bentley team, but also created a limited-edition Bentley Le Mans chronograph to celebrate the event.
Replica Breitling Watches and Bingley: ELEGANT AND LUXURIOUS

Centenarians have been known for their rugged “professional wristbands” for years, but they have also created many elegant, luxurious watches for a wider audience. As breitling and Bentley intensify their exploration of how to write a new chapter in their partnership, both classic brands are looking forward to sharing excellent new products with old friends At the same time again to the world of refined vision to do a self-introduction.
About the Bentley

Bentley car is the world’s most popular luxury car brand. Crewe’s headquarters in Crewe Alexandra F.C. is the centrepiece of its activities, supporting design, research and development, engineering and production of its four car lines, the Continental, Flying Spur, Bentayga and Mulsanne. Combining precision engineering, age-old skills, professional engineering and advanced technology, Bingley is a Nothing in Common among British luxury car brands and a prime example of high-quality British manufacturing. Bingley’s Crewe headquarters has about 4,000 employees.

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