Simple and masculine, enjoy the Replica Breitling Watches mechanical timekeeper series challenge 44 wristwatches

In the late 1970s, Replica Breitling Watches sold its brand name and famous watch models to the Visionary Entrepreneur Ernest of Bavaria Schneider. In 1984, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Replica Breitling Watches brand’s birth, new owner Ernest of Bavaria Schneider modeled it on the wristwatch that the brand had designed the year before for a well-known Italian Squadron Frecce Tricolori Came out with a redesigned mechanical Chronomat. The series features a Bezel indicator and an automatic chronograph movement. Its simple and reasonable design is very attractive. This year, knockoff Breitling Watches launched the mechanical timepiece Challenger 44, which is one of the most entry-level watches of the new brand, with a simple three-pin design that continues the masculine style. Let’s take a look at the Replica Breitling Watches mechanical chronograph series Challenger 44. (WATCH MODEL: A17388101C1A1)
Both simple and masculine

The new mechanical timepiece series Challenger 44 features a simple three-pin design with a date window and a clean dial to meet daily requirements. The new timepiece follows the classic design of the brand-name Mechanical timepiece series. The ratchet-type Bezel has a cool, masculine feel. Stainless Steel Bezel engraved on the scale, each scale is very clear, compared to the general aluminum or ceramic ring, this design is more straightforward, reflecting the spirit of bold personality of the series.
Watch action
The watch case of the new timepiece is made of strong fine steel, mainly polished with mercerization, presenting a tough and cool texture. With a one-way Ratchet Bezel, one of the classic brand logo on the top of the four large scale. Bezel ensures easy operation while protecting both sides of the anti-glare Sapphire Crystal Mirror. The bezel uses the satin finish to avoid the interference of reflection in the course of action.
The same material screw-in crown is designed with shoulder pads to protect it from bumps. Swiss Replica Breitling Watches crown engraved brand LOGO LOGO, around the use of anti-slip texture design, feel good, easy to adjust the time. The design of double seal gasket adds a lot of color to the waterproof function of Wrist Watch.
The Blue Dial has a three-dimensional metal dial with a simple three-pin design, and the hands and dial are coated with a luminous finish that reads the time clearly even in dim conditions. The 3 o’clock position has a date display window, which makes the watch even more practical.
The back of this new mechanical timepiece series is designed to provide at least 38 hours of power when the chain is full, with B17 automatic chain movement and certified by the Swiss official Observatory (COSC) .
Summary: As a Sports Watch, Fake Breitling Watches‘s new mechanical chronograph series is waterproof to 200 meters. The Challenger is one of the most masculine collections in the brand, featuring everything from the classic design of the Bezel to the movement.

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