Replica Breitling Aviation Time watches 1 Automatic is suitable for men and women

Born in 1952, the breitling aviation chronograph series is the first of its kind to feature an aviation-specific flight slide rule Replica Breitling watches airlines chronograph remains one of the most closely watched pilot watches. This year, breitling introduced a new aviation chronograph, the NAVIMER 1automatic 38, which continues the traditional style of an air chronograph, but with some trade-offs Gives the new watch a cleaner, more elegant look. Let’s take a look at the breitling aviation chronograph 1 automatic mechanical wristwatch. WATCH MODEL: U17325211G1P1
It’s simple, it’s stylish, and IT’S UNISEX
On the one hand, the Replica Breitling Aviation Chronograph watches 1 mechanical wristwatch was inspired by the brand’s model 66 watch from the 1950s. The watch dispenses with the traditional chronograph dial design and leaves more room for the dial It makes the watch look more compact. The wristwatch, on the other hand, retains the easy-to-operate circular flight slide rule, but it also simplifies, allows for quick conversion of flight information, and adds a sporty touch to the dial. The watch is 38 mm in diameter, the smallest in the series. Whether it’s a man who prefers a smaller size or a woman who prefers an airline chronograph, the size is ideal for them.
The watch case is made of fine steel and its side is polished to a rich sheen. The bezel is made of 18K rose gold, with a clear layering between the Bezel and the case, giving us a different visual look.
The aviation chronograph has a new beaded beaded facing ratchet two-way Bezel, presenting a highly recognizable design aesthetic, giving the watch an elegant personality to the visual experience.

There is no clock dial design, the dial is very simple. The dial follows the ring-shaped flight slide rule of the breitling air time series. We can perform a variety of practical calculations by means of the relative rotation of the inner and Outer Scale Rings Such as unit conversion, calculation of ground speed, fuel consumption, climbing rate and so on. A date display window is located at 6 o’clock position on the dial. A luminous coating on the three-dimensional thin strip time scale and pencil hands, together with a red-tipped second hand, provides clear readability.
Stainless Steel Crown at 3 o’clock position, engraved with breitling brand new LOGO “B” words, showing the brand exclusive aesthetic style. Crown around the texture to make slip-proof, easy to adjust the time.
The watch comes with two different watch chains, one for the gold alligator strap and one for the NAVITIMER airwatch chain, giving us more options.
The back of the watch is designed with a close-fitting bottom to increase the internal security of the watch. Equipped with Replica Breitling watches B17 movement, certified by the Swiss official Observatory (COSC) , to ensure accurate timekeeping. Movement equipped with two-way ball bearings swing winding, so that the watch has at least 40 hours of power reserves.

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