Why do you buy gold and rose gold Replica Brand Watches?

Gold has gold, platinum, rose gold (aka red gold), platinum. Front three is the most expensive gold, platinum and gold is not a level, a platinum shell Replica Breitling watches than this watch gold model model, rose gold, platinum model are expensive, and it was not a little expensive, is expensive, 20% to around 40% (this was written by my rough Numbers). For example, the 5140P of Replica Breitling watches platinum is more than 790,000, gold’s 5140J is more than 620,000, and the middle difference is more than 100,000. So platinum is not within our reach.
Golden shell 5140J (upper) and platinum shell 5140P (lower)
Gold, rose gold, platinum, are all one thing, and the case is now 18K gold. Gold has a different color because it adds different metals to it. Add tin, nickel to white is white gold, copper plus many color red is rose gold. Platinum, rose gold, gold is a thing.
Platinum, gold, rose gold, some brand watches, or some jewelry, different gold but the same price. But a lot of brands, the price of different gold shells will have some differences. For example, the most typical of Replica Breitling watches watches, the golden shell version of a watch, the rose gold shell version, the platinum shell version price is different. Gold shell is cheapest, rose gold shell and platinum shell are more expensive. Replica Breitling watches, for example, the new 40 mm DD, Huang Jinke very very is 250000 8, 228238 rose gold shell is 8, 270000 228235 228239 270000 8 platinum shell (I took an integer, and platinum shell 228206 to 480000). Rose gold and platinum are both more expensive than gold. This is because many platinum and rose gold have added extra precious metals. As we all know, platinum and rose gold have special color, but the disadvantage is that it will change color when it is long, and the color will be dark, and platinum will wear out when it needs to be plated with rhodium. To prevent this problem, Replica Breitling watches will improve the “toppings” of platinum and rose gold. Add platinum to white gold and rose gold, make color sReplica Breitling watches, long time does not change color, so Replica Breitling watches rose gold is called eternal rose gold, platinum is called eternal platinum. Other brands have similar methods.
Replica Breitling watches’s various gold versions of DAY DATE 40, from left to right, are eternal rose gold, platinum, eternal platinum, gold.
Rose gold, platinum “ingredients” become more complicated, some require rhodium, some also add platinum, the price is high, so this is the reason that some rose gold, platinum is more expensive than gold. When we go to the counter to buy a watch, there is no problem, platinum, gold, rose gold is optional.
But when we’re tired of trying to sell the watch, there’s a difference.
I’m talking about two things that I’ve been in for a while. I shot a platinum breguet 7057 earlier. The official price of the platinum 7057 is 218,500, and the price of rose gold is 217,800, which is for your reference. The star of a TV show, on TV, was 7057, just like my watch. The TV show is very popular, I am optimistic, the star is the same money, just can be convenient to sell. As it turns out, I haven’t been out for a long time, because many players feel like I’m expensive. All came to haggle, knife knife see blood, cut me meat pain. I also know I ate platinum shell kui, platinum shell sell “base”, “your” rose gold shell sell, and in the middle of the gap is not small, on the secondary market, rose gold than Bai Jingui a lot. At last I negotiated a price cut and then it went out.
Platinum 7057 (upper) and rose gold 7057 (lower)
The second thing. One brother wanted to change his watch, but the new one was that he was tired of wearing the watch. He wanted to sell it, and then bought individual watches. The brother, who wears a platinum-rich constantin 85180, then wants to change a rose gold’s 85180. The same watch wants to change a version of the other golden shell. At first, I was surprised to hear my brother tell me about this, and I had never seen anything like it before. The price of the 85180 platinum shell and rose gold shell should be the same (I checked the Internet), but in this case (in the secondary market), the price is different. The 85180 of the rose gold shell is more expensive than the platinum shell. Even if you find a rose gold, you will have to make up the difference between the price and the price, and you should have a price difference of 8,000. This matter has not been turned out yet, and I would like to know if he can change it in the end.
Jiang shidanton platinum 85180 (upper) and rose gold 85180 (bottom)
These actually happen very normal ah, platinum looks and steel sheets, spent a large amount of money to buy a gold watch, the results don’t know people thought it was a steel Replica Breitling watches, a lot of people would have been uncomforReplica Breitling watches in my heart, if I, I also want to change the Replica Breitling watches. Most people are this psychology, so it affects the market situation, the same watch, gold, rose gold go high, platinum will be lower. This situation may even affect the platinum Replica Breitling watches in some cases. Although platinum value is higher than gold, rose gold, platinum, but platinum also looks like those steel Replica Breitling watches, this leads to some unpopular with platinum Replica Breitling watches (note that I said is a hot list, rather than those famous model), when changing hands, in the secondary market, the fall in the value. So, as we’ve seen, patek philippe, Replica Breitling watches, and so on, many of the popular watches are gold and rose gold, which is a problem for a lot of people (5296G orbital planes are the exception).
Patek philippe track 5296G, orbital plane 5296G is very popular white gold watch.
I like gold and rose gold, because the color is gold. You don’t have to look like a platinum blue ghost, you know it’s a white gold watch. It reminded me of the time I went to buy a ring, all kinds of gold, the same price, and finally gold. I don’t have a Replica Breitling watches to wear, a watch has been worn for a while, and everyone is always changing their Cousins. Gold and rose gold are higher than platinum. You can refer to this situation. A brother who has no money, please feel free.

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