Replica Breitling watches exports rose 3.7 percent year on year

According to figures released yesterday by the Replica Breitling watches industry federation (FH), Replica Breitling watches were exported at 1.77 billion Swiss francs in September, up 3.7 percent from a year earlier. Replica Breitling watches industry exports have been gaining momentum in recent months, with six months of growth in the first nine months of this year. With a 12-month period, the industry exports as a whole have recovered and are expected to see positive changes again in the coming months.

Replica Breitling watches

In terms of exports, the precious metal watches (+ 10.0%) and fine steel watches (+ 6.7%) continued to rise, while the wobbly golden wristwatches (-13.0%) fell sharply in the months to come. The drag of the fertilized steel watches (-9.4%) and other materials (-18.6%), the overall volume of exports (-11.6%) fell significantly.
The overall decline in exports is mainly due to export price is lower than 200 Swiss francs products, the price of the product exports fell by 18.5% compared with September 2016, a sharp drop in the trend has continued for more than a year. Exports and exports of goods ranging from 200 to 3,000 francs were slightly higher, while exports of goods priced at more than 3,000 francs were up 8.0%.

Replica Breitling watches

The Hong Kong market (+ 13.7%) has benefited from a very favorable base effect, achieving sustained growth and further consolidating the recovery trend. The U.S. market (-0.6%) is down but the negative trend continues. The Replica Breitling watches’s exports to the Singapore market (+ 89.6%) have almost doubled, mainly due to the delivery of high-value watches. The UK market (+ 0.7 per cent) has weakened and has remained largely stable in September. The Chinese mainland market (+ 1.2%) has maintained a clear positive trend but has slowed down. The Japanese market (-15.6 per cent) failed to consolidate the recovery in August and fell sharply again.

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