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More than 50 years ago, a research institute in natasha completed its mission to produce a quartz movement that met the Replica Breitling watches‘ specifications. For the Swiss watchmaking industry, this is the beginning of a revolution.

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In 1960, the invention of the Po China Accutron tuning fork was a powerful signal that the portable timekeeping field was about to usher in significant changes. The us company was based on the idea of Swiss engineer Max Hetzel, who was working for the treasure rover company. Max Hetzel’s idea is to use a tuning fork instead of a pendulum or pendulum, to adjust the speed of the core. In 1866, Louis Clement Breguet, a grandson of Mr. Abraham Louis Breguet, experimented with the idea by loading a 25-centimeter-high pitch fork into a mechanical mantelpiece.
The idea of Max Hetzel is possible, thanks to two inventions that are crucial to the overall development of the spreadsheet. The first was the 1947 transistor, which also led directly to the second decisive invention, the integrated circuit in 1958. These electronic components make portable devices powered by small batteries realistic. The bahuo Accutron tuning fork confirms that the electronic wristwatch can be five times as accurate as the best mechanical meter and at least a year without the power to worry.

One of the first Beta 1 core, external aluminum shell, for the nastaire observatory
One of the first Beta 2 core, external aluminum shell, for the nastair observatory test
Five years of research and development
Gerard Bauer, who served as chairman of the Swiss watch industry federation, was wary of the fact that the Swiss watchmaking industry was in crisis. So in 1959, Gerard Bauer responded, setting up a new research institute, Centre Electronique Horloger (CEH), in nachar. Rene LeCoultre, a member of the federation, recruited engineers and electronics experts to develop a new wristwatch that would not be lost to Accutron. All sorts of possibilities are taken into account, but the firm’s tight patent rules preclude any changes in the tuning fork system.
In fact, since the 1920s, the principle of quartz timers has been no longer a secret. The original quartz clock was comparable in size to a cabinet. By 1960, the smallest quartz clocks were powered by batteries, the size of a nautical chronometer. To many, it would be impossible to narrow it down to a wristwatch. But in CEH, some people believe this possibility and are willing to take risks in that direction. The r&d team is recruited from U.S. semiconductor companies because Switzerland doesn’t have enough experts in this area. In 1962, CEH decided to focus on the development of quartz core.

CEH took five years to turn what everyone thought was impossible into reality. Finally, in the summer of 1967, two different prototype cores began to operate. They are called Beta 1 and Beta 2 (the shelved tuning fork project is called Alpha), and the two differ in the micro-motors that drive the pointer. In that year, a total of 11 cores were taken to the nearby natasha observatory for an annual time test. When the test came out, the observatory’s director, Jacques Bonanomi, couldn’t believe his eyes: the new electronic core was at least ten times more accurate than the most precise mechanical wristwatch.
In August 1967, the r&d team assembled the first Beta cores for the nastair observatory

At the same time, in Japan
But the victory has a bitter footnote. When the Swiss team in turn looked at the results, they found that a Japanese watch brand seiko had launched a home-made machine in the wake of Beta 1 and Beta 2. The two teams, thousands of miles apart, have been working on similar projects, without knowing each other yet almost simultaneously. Because there is no thermal compensation for the quartz oscillator, the actuator’s core is slightly inferior. However, the actual-core architecture is more modern and the components are more easily industrialized. In fact, the precision of the selected tuning fork type quartz crystal resonator (which can be produced by lithography) and Lavet type stepper motor are still standard specifications.
The ensuing crisis has caused a mess in the Swiss watchmaking industry, not least because of the slight technical advantages of the Japanese machine, but more fundamentally different attitudes towards the future of quartz technology. As a country accustomed to electronics, the Japanese readily accepted the first, high-priced Replica Breitling watches. They know that, over time, modern production methods and normalization of supply and demand will make products more affordable.

Replica Breitling watches exports rose 3.7 percent year on year

According to figures released yesterday by the Replica Breitling watches industry federation (FH), Replica Breitling watches were exported at 1.77 billion Swiss francs in September, up 3.7 percent from a year earlier. Replica Breitling watches industry exports have been gaining momentum in recent months, with six months of growth in the first nine months of this year. With a 12-month period, the industry exports as a whole have recovered and are expected to see positive changes again in the coming months.

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In terms of exports, the precious metal watches (+ 10.0%) and fine steel watches (+ 6.7%) continued to rise, while the wobbly golden wristwatches (-13.0%) fell sharply in the months to come. The drag of the fertilized steel watches (-9.4%) and other materials (-18.6%), the overall volume of exports (-11.6%) fell significantly.
The overall decline in exports is mainly due to export price is lower than 200 Swiss francs products, the price of the product exports fell by 18.5% compared with September 2016, a sharp drop in the trend has continued for more than a year. Exports and exports of goods ranging from 200 to 3,000 francs were slightly higher, while exports of goods priced at more than 3,000 francs were up 8.0%.

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The Hong Kong market (+ 13.7%) has benefited from a very favorable base effect, achieving sustained growth and further consolidating the recovery trend. The U.S. market (-0.6%) is down but the negative trend continues. The Replica Breitling watches’s exports to the Singapore market (+ 89.6%) have almost doubled, mainly due to the delivery of high-value watches. The UK market (+ 0.7 per cent) has weakened and has remained largely stable in September. The Chinese mainland market (+ 1.2%) has maintained a clear positive trend but has slowed down. The Japanese market (-15.6 per cent) failed to consolidate the recovery in August and fell sharply again.