The shadow of the phantom is accompanied by Breitling Watch Group

The camera moves, and she steps out of the cheetah light and firm. Replica Breitling, the day night, the galloping gallop, the stop to the gods, lie and stand, walk and accelerate. You see her, she sees herself; You find her, she finds herself — free and independent, easy and elegant, brave and free. She was a pure, modern woman with a cheetah.

As micro film director area snow said: “the modern Chinese women appearance, soft heart strong enterprising, there is a contradiction in their blood, and it is this complex character, make them real and charming.” Although has won the
The leopard is in the heart, the shadow of the phantom is accompanied by Breitling with the “the leopard pose” micro film

These elegant, charming and personality cheetahs are the inspiration for the Panthere DE Breitling cheetah watch. The smooth and luxuriant design, the unique shape, the soft touch of the touch, all show the charm of the cheetah ladies. It is a delicate watch, also can incarnate jewelry accessories, shifts between the daily wear and grand occasions, as a bracelet adorn in the wrist, changeable charm.