Breitling maybe lose independent tabulation spirit status

Spirit was considering selling in Breitling. Unnamed sources, said the most likely suitor will be luxury goods companies.

As a family business, spirit is the only remaining, Switzerland, in Breitling, several independent of swatch, richemont, LVMH and open cloud group, one of the large  swiss replica watch maker. Founded in 1884, Breitling spirit by Leon Breitling, in the 1940 s designed and developed a series of pilot is well known for his wrist watch. In 1979, Ernest Schneider to buy Breitling spirit, now the company by his son, Theodore Schneider in charge of the business. Earlier this year, Breitling spirit join Swiss research and development of smart meters, and launching Exospace B55 Connected timing B55 intelligent interactive wrist watch in outer space.

Nearly two years watch-making industry is difficult period, Breitling spirit wristwatch sales volume and profit fell sharply, is facing the longest recession since 1988. According to the Swiss watchmakers industry federation (FH) export data released August, expensive watches is the most difficult situation, cheaper watches are more positive, this also is in Breitling the strengths of the spirit. Breitling spirit entry-level mechanical watch is Colt Automatic, starting at $3090, at the same time brand also provides a small amount of quartz watches at lower prices for replica Breitling watches .