Breitling launched four new Sunny Side of Life series flame enamel wrist watch

With the Sunny Side of Life senior jewelry and senior Replica Breitling watch series, the count is with colour profusion, write a new chapter for family’s philosophy. New chapter in a cheerful disposition as a starting point, highlight the flowery and dazzing bright colour, infectious joy to life and make people intoxicated with creative energy.


Big flame enamel craft from Geneva artisans of inheritance, since the 17th century by the count value, in addition to on this basis, build fine gauge, may not have more appropriate way of description. Sunny Side of Life series of four new senior wrist watch (G0A41236 G0A41237, G0A41235 and G0A41238) equipped with the gold dial, and with big flame enamel decoration, gives precious metal color tone, create the colourful and attractive visual effect.

Gold dial to carve into “rattan grain” design by hand, fill the transparent enamel layer, 3 d effect is evident on the dial. Then carefully fill in the color powder, after the high temperature of 800 ° C, color deepened gradually, then through fire and cooling process for many times, make delicate translucent gloss enamel bright is dazzing. Dial again for the last time after careful grinding burn, final rendering ji ornamental pattern the perfection of beauty.

Big flame enamel contains fine gold craft, enamel master need to estimate the accurate quantity of powder required, must also be estimated accurately suiwatches density and firing time required, in order to achieve the ideal color and stability, experience is long cover is new. If the fire time longer, enamel cracks may appear, so the production process requires precise control, not pleasing, it also confirms the enamel master by the extraordinary skill of years precipitate.

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