Time is endless In Breitling watches, 2016 new objects

Swiss brand of top class independent tabulation spirit in Berling watches replica in Shanghai, 2016 new objects. In line with the extreme pursuit of performance excellence and enthusiasm for
technology of perseverance, spirit in Breitling watches has been regarded as a pioneer in the field of wrist watch.


The activity, in Breitling watches the spirit mainly shows the legendary history, loved by flight enthusiasts of air time series (Navitimer), Cheap Breitling watches spirit avengers
series (Avenger), both inheriting classic and super ocean series with the function of professional diving (Superocean) products, as well as the first intelligent interactive wrist – Breitling watches timing spirit space B55 wrist watch (EXOSPACE
B55), at the same time brand in recent years are reviewed in texture, movement, science and technology three aspects of a breakthroughwholesale-berling-watches

In 1884, known as the “father” of air otto li Lin tal dreamed of design to produce the glider, like birds it also become numerous aviator inspiration in the future, including the Wright brothers; In that year, Leon spirit created a specialized production Breitling watches timer and timing clock
workshop, and the sky is always rooted in the process of development, has established close ties with the flight.


The objects he will arrange the peninsula hotel in Shanghai and
specially Rosamonde le wen hall. LeShiWen hall with China aviation history as the theme, site of some of the Air China historic moment solidification on the wall, elaborate display of precious aviation physical and aircraft model gives basins
LeShiWen hall “flight” feelings, strong aviation theme and spirit of the brand DNA in Breitling watches the perfect fit.Watch of wrist of more than a century of innovation, the eternal classic styling, as well as for aviation constant dedication to witness the spirit forward in Breitling watches. For
spirit in Breitling watches, the pilot’s heroic spirit is the driving force behind its each timer, always committed to break through the limit of watch of wrist of professionals, continuous innovation, bring their solution, this is the spirit of Breitling watches different mission, is also 132 years in Breitling watches, the spirit and soul of the spirit.

New material: the design concept of watch of wrist of one hundred spirit always adhere to the professional field of timing functions as a starting point, at the same time into the innovation, aesthetic and wearing comfort, made in the
aesthetic feeling of wrist watch, readability, and achieved a perfect balance between size and weight. Successfully launched in 2016, in Breitling watches the spirit sole material, independent
research and development of high-tech innovation Breitlight ®, the material of solid wear-resisting is extremely light, lighter than titanium 3.3 times, 5.8 times lighter than pure steel, but they are stronger, and has many advantages: on the
tensile deformation of scratches, superior resistance, corrosion resistance, magnetic resistance, thermal stability,
anti allergic, have more warm touch than metal at the same time, and present a mottled visual effect. Breitlight ® was first used in the spirit of Breitling watches Hurricane Hurricane (Avenger) watch avengers, for a 50 mm gauge diameter of wrist
watch, weighs 69 grams, this lets the challengers have bold straightforward appearance at the same time, the experience is lightsome perfect wearing comfort, calm in the face of suffering.

New movement: 2004 spirit has drawn up a plan to sell machine research and development in Breitling watches; In 2007, after the test of spirit 01 movement finally was born in Breitling watches; In
2009, officially launched the first spirit Breitling watches equipped with Breitling watches spirit 01 movement wrist watch, ultimate timing wrist watch (Chronomat 01), 125 anniversary of the birth of the brand. Originally decided to develop homegrown movement is more in order to maintain the
independence of the brand, and after many years of hard work, all want to spirit has been successfully developed in one hundred’s wrist function, standard time, world time, two time zones, manual chain and other functions, still have 11 produced machine.

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