You only know audemars royal oak, but don’t know AP watches these specialty skills

I like calligraphy and painting, especially for cheap AP watches. Though he was young, I used to also let my home what the director of the association of calligraphy seal cutting and so on, but I still think that it is not by curve passing decade eight years, can amount to mark.So my family never hang calligraphy and painting, don’t know how to hang. Simply, simply don’t hang. This is the old saying: three generations know dress, five generations know hang a picture.


In Switzerland, too. Don’t assume that a decade of good market, we can create a good brand. Real good brand, no precipitation in one hundred, don’t know what is cross the rubicon, don’t know what is the cold market, also don’t know what is the real precipitation.

AP watches birthplace: Swiss ye valley
When the market really cold down, those one hundred brands, only from the inside, as if the downy light of jade from the inside out, such as patek philippe and vacheron constantin, for example, such as rolex, we want to talk about today, for instance, Switzerland real one hundred top brands – AP watches.

For the Swiss watch, the real core values, still lies in the hands. , after all, in this era of machinery, numerical control and electronic control, and the traditional manual although the ups and downs, but never lose the intrinsic value, such as he has been good at AP watches from 30 s hollow out technology. Hollow out from a pocket watch, AP watches is pretty good, in the eighty s, the wrist watch is fading, AP watches still made hollow out the watches with the best teacher. There used to be a collector remarked at the time: if you have vacheron constantin hollow out, he will abandon the patek philippe, 3878 single square of AP watches hollow out there, if he will not hesitate to give up constantin. Visible when AP watches how hollow out level has reached a point where.


AP watches hollow out watches
Relative to AP watches using skilled master hand saw, grinding and engraving, 3 q is to be able to reflect AP watches model of heritage in one hundred. In addition to the difficulty of manufacturing, the difficulty of the set-up is several watches factory is unable to face, so the inline often say: you only have three ask watches, one hundred best sound. AP watches stored for decades the set-up of the master, is this a special player, crisp, long, deep, in one hundred, the brand, to be able to reach this level, only a few masters of the manufacturer.
In 1892, AP watches launch clocks in the history of the first three ask wrist watch
Launched in 1882, AP watches first big complex function pocket watch, with calendar, double seconds after injection timing and asked three time function

Treasures with the hundreds of years ago when the high complex meter can be comparable, AP watches is starting in 1999 launched the “Tradition of Excellence nessuah brokerage” series, each is all kinds of complicated high master of tabulation technology. Domestic watches friends call this series plan “eight major Kings”. So far, this series has launched five, are all made of platinum, each set limit to 20. To collect, it all has been one of the world many great horological collector’s dream.
AP watches Tradition of Excellence nessuah brokerage No. 5
Remember Audemars Piguet Renaud & Papi (this name is on the river’s lake famous big APRP), it’s not just AP watches high complex machine research and development design center, is also the Swiss watch of wrist of many brands high complex design birthplace. Mentioned Giulio Papi, and had to ask, in 2006, authored by Caroline Sermier and Papi, AP watches published by the advanced TAB detail processing and the Decoration (High End Horological Finishing and Decoration), a traditional ye valley standards, a clear definition of today’s senior Decoration burnish the highest standards of tabulating machine processing, more than by Swiss watches school identified as major materials.

And AP watches museum, there is the world’s most complex watches, have you made in the earliest watches valley, there are three big hammer hammer, four from the watches, royal oak, eight major Kings…… There is a books, which recorded to AP watches custom-made precious guest profile of complex mechanisms.
AP watches museum
Mention one thing, today by a great number of Chinese watches fan as a “god” of tabulation of Philip similar, before starting the independent tabulation, lifetime only gave a factory worker, in that factory made him famous for any size. The name of the factory is: AP watches.
Any of the similar
Mentioned AP watches today, the world only know royal oak, I didn’t know AP watches is the patron saint of your high valley complex tabulation.
Complete the movement of manually retouching AP watches asked three time pocket watch
AP watches Swiss watch exhibition every year, because of the cold journey faraway, put a lot of people away. This time, on October 29, 2016 in Shanghai Yu De yao gallery AP watches will open grand exhibition. 200 pieces of precious chronometer exhibition content of shock, of which 135 are from AP watches museum, the tour, has set a AP watches antique clock public display of the number of the overseas. At the same time, AP watches as Art Basel (Art Basel) global partners, hand in hand with the international well-known artist representative works of Art, will also be part of the exhibition.
Art Basel in 2015: the French designer Alexander? Jolly sound device designed for AP watches “Constellations”
Art Basel in 2016: British photographer Dan? Hotz, creation of the Continuous Topography,
All kinds of rare treasures under the famous designer of fencing, a display domestic lovers now. Such a good chance, I believe that ten years, such as several times.

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