Mr Schwarzenegger’s charm Audemars watches

Speaking of stylish and charming actor, bear the brunt of is Arnold Schwarzenegger, once of Hollywood stars. The screen of the tough guy not only has a strong body and a stunning developed muscles, he also has a strong will and a crisis of energy. Audemars royal oak offshore wrist watch has a special protection protective crown and timing button is not affected by vibration or impact, fits well with Schwarzenegger’s tough guy image, the “terminator 3” timing wrist watch on him fully shows the swagger and charm of the king.


In order to create this royal oak offshore wrist, Abby watches factory using all is main material with black ceramic watch case, although the ceramic are common in the industry, but a handful so carefully polished. After spraying the surface treatment of titanium anthracite color, with black ceramic jointly create harmonious beauty.


Rose gold symbolizes the luxuriant flavor, dial in four directions on position calibration of place adopts straight grain diamond bright face burnish rose gold material; Button at the top is decorated with the brand LOGO, with the wrist watch classic lines echo each other, each other into an organic whole. Watches can still have the rose gold decoration piece, pay special attention to is to use the bridge double layer structure of the button, the first layer of rubber, tried their best to resist the impact damage, the second layer is through fog sandblasting surface treatment of titanium, with screws to ensure the stability of the appearance.
Audemars royal oak offshore wrist like Arnold Schwarzenegger, not only the owner breathtaking outside forces, the connotation of them also feel shock. By hand, jinggong decoration equipped automatic chain machine equipped with the excellent performance of timing clock, for the100 meters and so on need high speed movement time, carry the precise timing stopwatch movement, internal and external and repairing.
Schwarzenegger with a strong muscle conquered people of an era, accord with his wrist watch must be full of speed and passion, wisdom and power.

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