Vertical electrical contractor and Shared economic watches network structures, one-stop watch ecosystem

Vertical net electricity than watches recently the Hong Kong polytechnic university released a “watch white paper consumption industry in China”, to the import of 2016 year China watch industry present situation and future development direction is analyzed. CEO of Wan network watches XiaoXiao, said:the watch industry is not optimistic in recent years, sales in the mainland have a certain degree of decline. But the mainland consumers to buy watches, especially import watch enthusiasm does not decline,with the rapid development of Internet economy, online shopping has become a new choice for consumers.Replica watches Audemars Piguet is more and more popular.

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White paper user community analysis data shows that 79% of consumers know watch information is through the way such as Internet, newspapers and magazines, and television commercials. From 2011 to 2016 in the first half of the year, all kinds of brand watch (including medium and the value of more than 100000 yuan of above the top of the watch) sales showed a trend of increased year by year in the vertical electric watch business.

According to XiaoXiao than watches has comprehensive start to build the global high-end watches all value chain service platform, all watchess will watch online retail enterprises to jump out from the simple, gradually developed into a watch ecosystem service provider role, through vertical integration to form a connection consumers, brands, retailers, after-sales service one-stop service watch ecosystem.

Earlier this year, thousands of watches launched the global watch one-stop service platform “express” project, all expression of consumers purchase watches outside the people is to provide convenient service platform, it will be a global high-quality brands, dealers, physical retailers through express people realize the drainage work. Express people by providing to consumers for cross-border strategy, global watch stores recommended, and the evaluation of the route guidance, consumers, etc., through its again the five-star after-sales service platform “watch list” for the consumers to realize “overseas buy watchess, domestic warranty” service, solves the consumers in the overseas purchase various concerns.
In accordance with the planning of XiaoXiao express people or watches list, are high-end watches over watches to build global strategy an important part of the whole value chain service platform, all watchess will begin to try new business model, through vertical integration, every watches, all express, every hall watches, watches list, watches CLUB, watch the world and so on six big strategic unit, forming one-stop service watch ecosystem around the world.

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XiaoXiao said, the future watches, in terms of products, will continue to looking for more high quality watch brand in the world, maximize the rich commodity base of watches, let consumers have more choices, in terms of service, will further optimize the watch supply chain system, establish a bonded warehouse, bonded stores, etc. He said, “this is a Shared economic era, in the future, all watches will be ready to watch the role of ecosystem services, and will watch industry and the organic combination of the Internet in the form of industry + Internet, create value for watches the development of the ecosystem.