General questions:Watch clasp, buckle, hook,folding insurance clasp?

Watch the metal strap buckle under the frequent opening and closing, is relatively easy to a problem. Metal strap clasp structure types are many, such as: there are double and single open, according to the lock, hook, and so on. Closed form in the majority with elastic friction.The most common is a zigzag discounts, single button to open the watches with your thumb nail go, push clasp closure pressure.

Watches in daily use, open and close should be flowing freely strap buckle.Buckle the closing force and open force should be modest. Often occurs in the above question is: strap buckle closing force is loose, easy to release.Then there is not closed. Strap buckle appear these problems, using and for several reasons.
(1) the material of strap button is bad, the material thickness of thin, poor strength, easy to produce deformation;
(2) the use of closed and open is bad, inconvenient, cause clasp deformation;
(3) the improper maintenance and correct strap buckle. Metal band strap buckle components, mainly from the bending plate and the outer plate and covered, but every strap closing force is loose, easy to release, analysis its reason, is because the strap buckle zigzag components deformation. Deformation is primarily a discount the radian of the two parts of folded sheet metal is different, so they closed together of the time, cannot form the same surface uplift or support part. A lot of people think is the problem of elastic friction, often move “small tongue”, on which discount?

Actually elastic friction with the depth and the zigzag folded pieces of metal with the relationship between the radian, radian change strap buckle closing force and firmness. As far as possible not to break on the discount which “small tongue”, it is easy to break off. A broken but be snapping, strap basically ruined. Strap buckle deformation is the main reason of the incorrect way of using, I often see many accounting strap, with the palm, with their thumb to pressure, this is not correct.

In so doing, the long term leads to a discount of curve deformation, have to, I recommend accounting BHB belt, the thumb and forefinger to knead clasp, and in the open, want to use thumbnails in vertical direction to exert power strap buckle to open it. (not including the lock) closed lax strap button is easy to cause the strap to release this affects a watch to wear safety, so be sure to regularly check, too loose strap buckle must to correct, if there is no professional experience in maintenance, don’t touch, or to the watches in the shop as well. Metal strap has a solid core and hollow, comparison of high-grade watch strap is with a solid core, tubular strap is more easy to deformation. But solid core strap between the section and section nail or screw connection, easy to appear or back clasp, this is also a need to regularly check in wearing watches.