Breitling the world’s largest boutique in Saudi Arabia, Sheikh grand opening

Replica Breitling watches and Attar United official opening in Saudi Arabia, Khobar brand boutiques. New shop location selection, Sheikh avenue, covers an area of 300 square meters, is the world’s largest watch watches boutiques, the store sold brand new account creation. Breitling watches, chief executive of Ricardo Guadalupe,  watches in the Middle
East and Africa regional director Marco Tedeschi and Attar United chief executive Mohammed Saddik Attar hosted the opening ribbon-cutting ceremony, eastern ShengShiChang Eng. Fahad bin Mohammed bin Othman, dc to attend as a guest.


Local media friends visited the King Salman Bin Abdul Aziz – road boutique, discovery Breitling watches latest meter, from the Big Bang of cute Broderie ladies watch to the impressive Big Bang ‘Sapphire all black men’s watch. Through interesting to discuss with Mr Guadalupe and Tedeschi, journalists are more in-depth understanding of the watch list
unique individuality and the art of “fusion” brand concept.

WaBreitling watch, chief executive of Ricardo Guadalupe, said: “in the Al Khobar storefront is Breitling watch the world’s largest boutiques, we want to be able to run well. Saudi Arabia customers interest in Breitling watches increasingly rich, in this open boutiques to ensure better serve the needs of the local market.””Very happy with the new partner Attar United together in Saudi Arabia,” watch watches in the Middle East and Africa regional director Marco Tedeschi said, “relying on the group support, in the future we will open more stores in Saudi Arabia market.”

Breitling collector, invited guests and local celebrities gathered in boutiques, the guests try meter when the right one, and the watch design and function with Breitling watches and Attar exchanges on United management., “said Mohammed Attar United chief executive Saddik Attar proudly unveiled Breitling watches new boutiques, this store
to ‘to become the first, unique, distinctive” as our promises. We collaborate and Breitling watch is very important, because the two sides share value concept of unique products to provide clients with high quality.”

In Saudi Arabia Breitling watches new boutique reflect the brand personality: elegant adornment design, colour profusion, and perfect. Follow Breitling watches “fusion of art” brand concept, fantastic interior design should have a variety of materials, such as natural bauxite and ebony, and builds a luxurious and comforwatches environment, colorful
black marble wall as the door to delicate and costly new world.